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Type O Goth

Depending on your motive, you have a general idea about how you want to be perceived. And in night clubs, you're only visable while dancing so make sure you're sending out the right message.
Slutty Goth- Usually touching themselves trying to seduce everyone in sight. (It increases their chances of gettin' some later on that night)

Vampy/Bitchy Goth- Strutting around, tossing their hair winking and/or growling at various people.

Romantic Goth-Eyes are usually closed moving in slow intricate motions, even to fast indutrial song. (I like watching them.)

Glitter Goth- See 'Perky Goth'.

Angst Ridden Goth- Stomping loudly and screaming out the words to NIN as if pains them. Them for big finale, they throw down their glow sticks and colapse on the ground.

Geeky Goth Moving back and forth not even close to the beat, but having a great time, anyway.

Perky Goth- Jumping/Skipping around the place until the club closes. Happy, Happy, Happy!! Weekend Goth- Since some of them practice at home, they've got the moves down solid. Strsangly, they seem to be syncrozined.

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