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Mandarin Name Su You Peng
English Name Alec Su ( Tommy was his old name but he doesn't like to be called by that anymore )
Nickname A-Peng (mom), Hisao Guai (friends)
Birthday September 11, 1973
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birth Place Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality Taiwanese
Residency Taipei, Taiwan
Family Parents and Younger Brother
Relationship Status Single
Height 172 cm / 5'8"
Weight 59 kg / 130 lbs
Blood Type B
Language Mandarin, English and Taiwanese
Primary School Hisao Qiao, Shuang Liang
Secondary High Chen Yuan, Min Lung
Tertairy Edu Jian Guo
Pets Bird, Dog
He Can Play The Keyboard
In His Sparetime He Goes To The Movies Or Pubs
Personality Suprises Himself A Lot
When He's Down He Talks To His Friend
Place Family, Friends, Lover into the order from most important to least in his heart: Family, Lover, Friend
Motto in Life Believe In Yourself
His Dream Go Overseas To Study And Buy His Family A Bigger House
In Love Be Truthful And To Love One Only
He Likes Girls Who are Tender In Personality And Caring
First Love 17 Years Old
How Many Lovers He Wants To Keep It A Secret
Occupation Popsinger, Actor
His Acting is The Most Influenced by Vicki Zhao
Character He Does Like Playing Funny Ones
He Wants to Act with Maggie Zhang Man Yu
Celebrity Friends Nicky Wu, Benny Chen and Vicki Zhao
Favorite Chinese Actress Maggie Zhang Man Yu
Favorite Song Zhu Fu
Favorite Chinese Author Zhang Ai Lin
Favorite Comic Dan Shen Su She Lian Huan Pao
Favorite Chiong Yao Book Huan Zhu Ge Ge
Favorite Food BBQ Lamb
Least Favorite Food Tomato
Favorite Breakfast Soy Sauce With Eggs, Riceballs
Favorite Drink Soy Bean Drinks
Least Favorite Food Gasy Drinks
Favorite Food (country) Western
Favorite Dish German Pork Foot
Favorite Snack Doesn't Eat Any
Happiest Time When His Fans Approves Of Him
Will Be Happier If Let Him Sleep For 3 Days
Worst Time Looses His Love
Favorite Person Mom
He Hates People Who are Self Centred And Greedy
He Can't Bare When He Can't Sleep
Favorite Animal People
Favorite Season Winter
Favorite Flower Rose
Favorite Style Of Clothing Casual
Favorite Place Taiwan
Favorite City Taipei And Beijing
Favorite Sportsmen Pete Sampras ( American tennis player )
Favorite Sport Basket Ball, Tennis
Favorite Day Valentine's Day
Favorite Color Creamy
Least Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Part Of His Body The Proportion
Least Favorite Part Of His Body Too Skinny
Favorite Star Madonna