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Taos - St Louis 2008

On June 23,2008 I took off from Chandler, AZ to attend WeSToc 2008 in Taos, New Mexico. After that get together I was going back to my hometown, Parkman, Ohio, to attend a friend of the families 90th Birthday Party and would then have to beat feat home starting on July 6th as I had to be back to work on July 9th. This trip was right at 5,250 miles in total and more then most were miles of smiles. Visit the pics here

I worked my way up to the high country of AZ early as we were experiencing some very high temps during the day in the Phoenix area. The first couple of pics are of the Salt River Canyon on the way to Show Low from Globe. Then I cut across SR60 to the VLA, Very Large Array, 50 miles west of Socorro, NM. This is the giant radio telescope array that was a backdrop in the beginning of the movie CONTACT starring Jodie Foster. I then made my way to Albq where I spent the evening. In the morning I headed up NM 14 and through Madrid NM, which was the small town in the movie WILD HOGS where the carnival was held and the big fight sequence at the end of the movie. Unfortunately Marisa Tomei did not decide to stay and keep Maggies Diner open ;^)

I made it up to the Kachina Best Western Lodge where WeSToc 2008 was being held 6/24 - 6/27(WeSToc is a get together of Honda ST owners) The Kachina as it turned out is a great place to stay if you ever visit Taos New Mexico. They have native dancers out back every evening and it is a fairly large facility.

The next few days were spent riding around the area during the day and unfortunately I got a performance award (read speeding ticket) up in Colorado luckily it was a small one so not to bad considering. There was great riding in many different directions out of Taos. Plus I got to meet a bunch of different people that I have only know via the Motorcycle Forums before.

Friday came too soon and I was on the road to Ohio. On Friday I stayed mainly on back roads working my way diagonally up to Salina, Kansas. On Saturday I stopped in St Louis at the Arch and walked around to see the Mississippi was as high as I have ever seen it. I then went inside the Arch and road the Tram to the top and got a few pics from the top of the Arch. I stopped in Casey Il for the evening and found a great lil Country restaurant having a Seafood Buffet...Can you say Crab Legs Oh Boy!!

On Sunday I made it back to my home stomping Grounds of NE Ohio. I ran by our old place in Parkman, Ohio and took a picture of the old elementary school that I had attended. I then stopped in Middlefield to visit one of my Cousins and as I left his place to make it to Orwell the rain came. All in all I had been pretty lucky with the weather. I made it though a lil wet up to my other Cousins place in Orwell.

The next couple days were spent visiting old haunts like Geneva on the Lake and Pymatuning State Park. Then my wife flew in Wed evening so she could attend Jean's 90th Birthday party on Saturday. After spending Friday night the 4th of July watching Fireworks at Geneva on the Lake we moved back down to my Cousins in Middlefield to visit with them for a couple days. Early Sunday Morning they were gracious enough to take Sue to the Airport as I headed for home.

All in all a great trip and time!

Can't wait till next year!!!