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Ojai MTF Lunch 6/10/06

The MTF (Motorcycle Touring Forum) has these lil get togethers known as the MTF LUNCH. Now this is not a normal lunch as we are known to ride to the next state or even farther to attend a couple hour lunch. Well this is one of those Lunches.

The Lunch was held at Boccali's Pizza just on the outskirts of Ojai, California. Ojai is a gorgeous lit artsy community in the hills of California.

Our Trip started at 4am on the western outskirts of Phoenix, I met up with BJ, Dal, and Bryan, 3 souls I had recruited to join me on this adventure.

Well the 1st part of the trip was uneventful. We Super Slabbed it on 10 to Beaumont California where we stopped for Breakfast then on to I-15 to 210 to I-5. On both 210 and 5 it was our misfortune to have them working on an exit ramp which I guess to the locals means lets stop and watch. Couldn't beleive the traffic back up for cleaning up an exit ramp.

We finally make it to SR126 North of LA just beyond Magic Mountain and take it to 150 which would take us up to Boccali's. This road had sustained some damage from the mudslides earlier in the year as there were a few sections that there was only one lane left in the road. Very pretty road though.

We arrive at the Restaurant at 11:45, 15 minutes early now that is not bad timing coming a lil over 450 miles.

After Lunch Bob and Bryon join us and Bob leads us up 33 to Lockwood Canyon Road down to Frazier Park then over to N2 and down to Palmdale where we had a room for the night. Now that lil explanation does not do justice to the road or to Bob for he took us down some great twisties with beautiful Scenery. It was the a ride that only happens once in a while as it was perfect.. We had supper with Bryon and Bob and then said our goodbyes as they headed out for home and we made our way back to our Motel.with a little over 620 iles for the day.

On Sunday we got up grabbed some breakfast and were on the road by a little after 7am. We tried taking back roads to Parker but a wrong turn by yours truly dumped us out on I-10 just the other side of Palm Springs. Again the trip home other then the heat was just uneventful Super Slabbing. But what a great weekend!

Here are some Pics. These are just the thumbnails click on them for a larger view.