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6/10/02. June 10th, 2002 Posted by Gohan

I, Gohan, am working slowly to rebuild and regain interest in the RPG and hopefully I will have it back done soon with some snazzy new webpages.

Anyone interested in helping in the rennovation please contact me. Thank you all for your support.

2000-2001 Neo Z Warriors Leader(Rigo O.), all things herein of this RPG battle system and what not(including following pages)were designed by ME, don't steal(ideas) anything from here without my permission(except pics and animations, anyone is allowed to save those and use them freely). I am in no way affiliated with Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, TOEI Animation, and FUNImation. All Characters are of Akira Toriyama/Bird Studios/TOEI Animation.