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The Bride of Caesar
Teris Xenite

The sun was shining on the snow and Xena lie there in the prison cell that she and Gabrielle shared. There was no way out of this short of asking for help. She looked over at Gabrielleís sleeping form above her. If thatís what Iíve got to do to keep you safe love then thatís just what Iíll have to do. Even if you never forgive me. A voice deep inside her cried at the thought of Gabrielle not forgiving her. Iím just going to have to do this and pray that sheíll forgive me.

She took a deep breath and whispered the one name that she had sworn that she would never again speak. "Ares, please help me." A mere seconds later a bright ball of light burst into the cell.

"Now was that so hard princess?" he said as he knelt over her with a smirk. He quietly moved Gabrielle from her position over the warrior. Sadly there isnít much I can do to help you out of this situation, but Iíll see what I can do." With that he disappeared from her side.

On Mt. Olympus Aphrodite turned to greet Ares who had just walked into her gardens. "Hey Ar, wuz up? In the mood for a roll in the hay or did something else bring you to my hacienda?"

"Well as good as a roll in the hay sounds thereís something else on my mind right now."

She saw the half smirk half smile that was reserved for only one person. "Let me guess it has something to do with Xena doesnít it."

"Sis you know me so well. It involves some payback for Caesar too." Ares smiled as the rage and indignation began to show on her face.

"Iíve been meaning to pay him back ever since he denied me. Can you imagine a man finding battle plans more interesting than me."

"Now Sis you know that I canít, but Iíve found the perfect way to make him pay."

"Lets hear it."

"Simple, make him fall flat on his ass for the one woman who will never forgive him."

"And who exactly would that be? Heís rich, heís powerful thatíll cause most women to forgive a lot of things."

"Even attempting to crucify them and repeatedly trying to kill one of her best friends?"

"Ar, there isnít anything that would make a woman forgive that."

"Especially since the woman is Xena."

"He did that to your precious Xena and heís still breathing. You suprise me bro."

"Why do you say that?" he said looking around nervously. "Surely she couldnít know," he thought," Iíve tried so hard to keep it hidden."

"I mean that itís pretty obvious that you love the chick bro. I mean its pretty obvious. I saw what you did to Hades for condemning her to Tartarus."

"And your point would be?"

"Iím just a little curious as to why you want me to make another man fall in love with her."

"Because if you donít sheís going to die and thereíll be nothing that I can do about it."

"Thatís ridiculous, of course you can do something about it! If your stubborn, pigheaded male pride wonít let you save the woman you loveÖ."

"My pride has nothing to do with this Sis. Heís involved."

At the mention of his name Aphrodite paled and went silent."By he you mean him don't you?"

"I know its dangerous, but Aphrodite Iím begging you please?" On the last part of the phrase he fell to his knees in front of her.

"All right already Iíll help you, get up though this is embarrassing."

"Thank you so much, I wonít forget this."

"Yes you will." She brought her finger up to her lips in a nervous habit and said off handedly, "It wonít take much he already wants her."

"Yes I know, the man has some very interesting dreams." He replied his anger at Caesar for thinking about his princess that way was very evident.

Aphrodite held up her hands and said "Hey bro! Chill you look like you want to strangle somebody. I didnít have anything to do with it. If you want to throttle someone I suggest you go have a little prenuptial talk with the groom."

"Actually I think that a talk with the bride would do me more good."

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