A Small Crucifixion

my favorite things about existence
(haiku for you)

[The information you give will be uploaded to a database accessible to every form of government prefect, police agency (local and federal), as well as sold to hundreds of commercial advertisment specialists interested in target-market research.]

1.dead rats clutter the streets
2.bubonic plauge epidemic, no one leaves the city
3.life is but a dream
4.today was such a perfect day
5.i enjoy ART
6.i am content with life
7.you call this love!?
9.this will no longer work
10.i make excuses for what i cannot tell people
11.it is better to give up than to work things out
12.i believe in honesty at all costs
13.i am often consumed with the question of suicide
14.i enjoy PHOTOGRAPHY
15.when i smile the room lights up
16.i fear the city's crowds
17.jesus is shepard/i am lamb
19.i enjoy POETRY
20.go ask Alice i think she'll know
21.i believe the world is best portrayed in black and white
22.everything in life is an illusion
23.my god the stench in here is unberable
24.i enjoy reading the thoughts of others
25.if i was an insect i would be a mosquito
26.what word is most important in government


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