RSC is a Polish band that has been active since the early 1980s. The band released 2 LPs in the very early 1980s, but then it took more than 10 years to release new albums. In the meantime the music industry had switched from LP to CD, so the band made a comeback in 1993 on CD with the re-issue of their debut LP ‘RSC’. That CD was titled ‘Marathon rockowy’ and featured as well some tracks of their 2nd album ‘Fly rock’. If you want to start collecting RSC material, then I would highly recommend this CD, as it contains some of the best RSC material ever recorded, also musically this is the most interesting for Rock/Hardrockalbums, as the remaining CDs that followed in the years after ‘Marathon Rockowy’ were less interesting. First
a review of that 1993 CD...


The music of RSC is not really heavy, and actually has not much to do with Hardrock. It’s more a bit AOR/Sympho orientated sometimes. ‘Marathon rockowy’ is a sort of re-issue of their 1982 debut, completed with tracks from their 2nd LP ‘Fly rock’ from 1983. I said sort of a re-issue, because all the songs were newly recorded for this CD. Without a doubt, this is their best record, because it is a great 80s mixture of AOR, Hardrock, Pomprock and Sympho, with besides guitars, also nice keyboard and violin work. The best songs are “2” (uptempo Symphonic Melodic Rocker), “3” (uptempo melodic rocker with KANSASish violin parts), “6” (poppy Sympho-AOR, very 80s keyboard orientated), “8” (great Sympho/Neo-Prog ballad a la PENDRAGON) and “9” (great catchy uptempo Sympho-AOR rocker, with very 80s keys). “10” and “11” (nice
keyboardbreak) are also great uptempo melodic rockers with slight prog influences. The band also has a great singer by the way and I can really recommend the CD ‘Marathon rockowy’, although be aware that everything is sung in Polish!

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

The following 7 years saw the band releasing 4 more CDs, of which I review 2 CDs below:


In 1995 RSC released ‘Czas wodnika’, their first real new studio-album since 1983. The CD has a very long playing length, close to 75 minutes! It’s rockier than the previous record and contains 14 songs. There are some really great Neo-Prog. Melodic Rockers on the CD, such as “Zbemoj”, “Ana liczy cienie” and “L’America”, all reminding me of KAYAK/KANSAS/PENDRAGON/IQ. This is actually very good stuff, not as good as the previous CD with the older songs, but still a recommended CD that saw the band moving into a Neo-Progressive Rockstyle.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)


‘Parakletos’ was released in 1997 and saw a clear change in style, because the band introduced some more instruments in their music, of which the Trumpet and Sax are quite annoying sometimes. The songs are also very long this time, and are more in the Neo-Prog style. The CD is a bit semi-Instrumental with some influences from other musicstyles (Jazz/Reggea). A song like “Madryt” is pure Jazz, but happily there are also good songs on this CD, such as “Parakletos” and “Piekto”, both good Semi-Progressive Rockers a la KANSAS. Still this is the least interesting RSC album, a very popp affair with some uninspiring tunes and also a shame about the trumpet/sax every time.

(Points: 7.0 out of 10)

The band released 2 more CDs in 2000, ‘Kilka piosenek o milosci’ and ‘Gold’, but these CDs I have not heard yet, although I think the ‘Gold’ CD is a best of record. If you started to get interested in RSC, then wait no more, and go to their website at:

(A special thanks to Wiktor Kucaj for providing the albums reviewed on this page)