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34.99 inc. S&H (approx $51)

Shenmue II (PAL): If you want to play Shenmue II in English on the DC this is the only way to do it! If you don't own a PAL DC you'll need some kind of boot disc or method of playing imports. This is a great deal from Video Game Centre.

On Sale For $19.99!!!

Shenmue (USA): The first chapter of Yu Suzuki's epic saga is at hand. Shenmue is an adventure game that transports you to Japan, circa 1986. You are Ryo, a young man trying to solve the mystery of his father's death. Along the way, you'll be treated to the most richly-detailed game world ever conceived. Shenmue offers a true living world, where characters exist on their own timelines and almost all objects can be manipulated and used. Over the course of the adventure, you will learn new hand-to-hand fighting techniques, presented in breathtaking motion-captured animations. You'll also interact with literally hundreds of characters and solve a myriad of puzzles. It's epic storytelling at its best, and it's only on Sega Dreamcast.


Shenmue II (JPN): Limited edition package includes Shenmue II game discs (4), Virtua Fighter History / VF4 preview disc, Virtua Fighter 4 Passport VF.NET disc.

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