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Shenmue II Bad Ending

Note: Some of these picture are crappy quality because I took them with my digital camera straight from the TV. The game actually looks much better.

Shenmue I had a bad ending that next to no-one actually saw, so here is Shenmue II's for you to see. To get it, play until July 31st in the game and it will happen as soon as Ryo goes to bed that night. Thanks to landc for his help with this.

Ryo, standing somewhere dark, pulls the Phoenix Mirror out of his pocket.

He looks at it for a few seconds....

Suddenly he is bathed in a red light and the red dot in the middle of the Mirror turns black.

Lan Di appears! There is a blinding white light and you hear Ryo cry out in pain.

The scene switches to show Shenhua on a mountaintop in Guilin.

She gazes up at the stars and says "The Dragon calls the dark clouds and hides the morning star....the path is closed and the hope of meeting is lost", but she is interrupted by a noise.

It's Lan Di, and he's got the Phoenix Mirror!

He says "I shall take your power for the Chiyoumen", then it all fades to black.

Game over.....

You can download a Japanese save at this point in the game here. If you have the PAL version download this save. If you want to uncover and watch this for yourself, play up until July 31st.