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Shenmue II Picture Guide

Note: Some of these picture are crappy quality because I took them with my digital camera straight from the TV. The game actually looks much better.

Now that the US won't see Shenmue II until late 2002, I've decided to let you get in on the action that everyone else in the world is experiencing by taking you through three of the major parts of Shenmue II. This page contains some major spoilers so don't read it unless you want to know some of the events that take place in Hong Kong. Click the one you want to see below and you'll be taken to it.

The Beginning

When you turn on the game, you'll see this very uninteresting title screen:

After beginning a new game, you'll see this view across Hong Kong Harbour, complete with skiffs floating around in the sea as the opening credits kick in.

The tranquility is broken as Ryo's ship appears and heads straight for Aberdeen.

A panoramic view of the ship reveals that Ryo is standing on the deck. Has he moved since the end of Shenmue? I don't know...

As the ship nears the docks, the game's logo appears.

As the ship docks we are treated to sweeping views of Aberdeen, Wan Chai, and Queen's Street.

The ship is here and Ryo has finally arrived in Hong Kong. The camera pans up to reveal...

...our hero, Ryo! Let's get moving.

The game loads your first Hong Kong Shenmue experience.

Ryo removes from his pocket the letter given to him by Master Chen at the end of Shenmue. It mentions a person who Ryo must find at the Yan Tin Apartments, South Carmain Qr, Wan Chai.

After reading the letter, Ryo is ready to start the next leg of his adventure.

Here is Ryo's first encounter with the locals. They are all annoying and offer Ryo their services as tour guides.

Around the corner you are almost flattened by Joy on her motorcycle.

She makes it obvious that she likes Ryo right away.

Once you finally reach beautiful Aberdeen, you're mugged by four men and a boy. They've taken all of your money and your bag!

After tracking down the boy, Wong, and beating up his accomplices your bag is returned to you minus your money. To make up for it he draws you a map to a guest house in Wan Chai.

Be sure to admire the view by night.

After crossing King's Road you'll arrive in Wan Chai, Shenmue II's Dobuita.

And after a little help from Joy, you'll make it to the Come Over Guest House.

The End of Disc 3

Coming soon...

The Ending

After realising that something was wrong, Ryo and Shenhua run to the Stone Pit to find a door that Shenhua has never been beyond.

Maybe Shenhua's father is in there...

Inside they find a huge cavern complete with waterfalls and rock formations.

Shenhua spots a rock bridge through which is a set of steps leading up.

Deep inside Shenhua finds a note from her father.

She reads it and it tells her that she should seek the one who holds the Phoenix.

It also hands over to her the family treasure, the Sword of Seven Stars...

...and says his goodbyes. What happened to him?

After finding a mysterious glowing pedestal, Ryo tries to push the Sword into it. He can't, but when Shenhua tries a magical disturbance occurs and the Sword gildes in without a problem.

After this a stand with a picture of the Phoenix Mirror rises from the ground. Ryo puts the Mirror in and it shoots out a red light which starts a fire in some torches....

Revealing two giants Mirrors! Now comes the wait for Shenmue III.