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PAL Packaging

Just to make the next few days before you get your PAL copies of Shenmue II that much harder, here are some pictures of the packaging and disc art. It's so close you can almost taste it!


This piece of card is what contains the two regular jewel cases that hold the instruction manuals (you get two, both in English and French for some reason). The jewel cases are a little different to what anyone in the US will be used to!

Jewel Cases, Front View

They're big and blue (not orange because of copyright problems with an orange swirl here in Europe), but what they contain is worth putting up with the ugly exterior. They can only hold two discs each and Shenmue II is a four-disc game so you get two.

Jewel Cases, Back View

Here's the back view of the cases with a story summary in English, French, German, and Spanish. The icons confirm that it's compatible with a VGA box and requires a VMU (duh!).

The Entire Contents

Here is everything in the package apart from the manuals. Don't worry, there's not long to wait now!

If you still want a PAL copy and still haven't ordered it yet, you can get one from Video Game Centre.