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Shenmue Links

Got a Shenmue site you want included? Email it to me.

The Official Shenmue Site - basically just an intro to Shenmue but comprehensive nonetheless.

The Official Shenmue II Site - Japanese only, but a nice collection of artwork, downloads, and shots nonetheless.

Shenmue Dojo - The second-best unofficial Shenmue Site :P Very professional and updated often.

Shenmue - Yokosuka

Dobuita-St - The official real-life Dobuita site.

Shenhua Rei's voice actress' Personal Page - All in Japanese but still pretty cool.

Maverick's Shenmue Page - one of the first Shenmue sites and one of the most comprehensive, but no longer updated. - another one of the older Shenmue sites.

Scream's Shenmue Domain

The Dragon Mirror

Shenmue Web

Shenmue Online

The Shenmue Legend

Shenmue: The Ultimate Experience

Shenmue Dreams

Shenmue Saga

Shenmue Domain

Shenmue Home Page

Shenmue Centre

Shenmue Master (French)

Shenmue Hong Kong

Shenmue Active

Shenmue Gamer

The Dreamcast Collector

Shenmue Worlds

Shenmue Chile (Spanish)

Double Blow

Shenmue Sweden (Swedish)