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The Shenmue Agony Uncle

You can email me with your questions about anything in Shenmue and I'll email you personally and put your question and the answer on this page. Note: All emails are unedited, so any spelling or grammar mistakes are not mine.

Q. Hey man.... your walk throught of disk one is very good. I need the walkthrough for the rest of disk 2. Please tell when u will have it. From Dimarules.

A. It's up now. Check it out here.

Q. Hi I use a swap trick to play import games on my Dreamcast. I need to know if in Shenmue when switching discs if you can save (the save saying you are going to disc 2) so that i can turn off my Dreamcast and insert the second disc and resume play. From Chris Trainerr.

A. Yes you have to save between discs.

Q. I read your walkthrough for Shenmue at Gamefaqs and I really have a question I'm begging you to answer.I was supposed to meet a guy in front of the arcade at 7:00 but I didn't know that until I read your walkthrough. Now I'm stuck so can you please help in some way. THANKS. From ChrisDogs1.

A. You should be able to go back there the next day and still meet up with him. Try that.

Q. Hello, I am an Italian boy of 14 years old. I was stuck in Shenmue at the second disc. CAN YOU HELP ME? From Ejpro.

A. You bet I can help! I now have a full guide for discs 1 and 2.

Q. I was wondering if you had gotten past disk 2 and if so what do you do after the old man in the warehouse sends you back to the city to find the other piece to your fathers secret chamber in the house,the psychic shows you an axe and that axe ,I found in the secret chamber how do you pick it up and what do I do to get back to the docks? From Tribe Studios.

A. Look at the guide.

Q. How and where can you get the bicycle? Please help me!!! From Morabete.

A. You get a motorbike but no bicycle in this part of the series.

Q. Hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I'm really stuck on Shenmue. You guide was super helpful and I can't thankyou enough for writing it, however, even having read 3 others, I can't get by this one part.. After you go to the barber by Game You it is necessary to find a second barber at the entrance to main street. So I knock on the building with the red, white, and blue swirls (Though it's not moving unlike the other one) No body answers. I tried to skip ahead and find the person in the checkered shirt to no avail. I can't enter the building and don't know how to progress or where else to check. Can you please help? From Jeremy Kross.

A. Go back through the guide and check that you haven't missed anything before it.

Q. Hi, my name is Jimmy, and I'm so into "Shenmue", and I have a question for you. I got the key to open the box with Ryo's fathers' sword in it, right next to the box, there are two drawings on the wall, and when you take off the drawings, there are two diffrence holes behind the drawings on the wall, and you can put the sward into one of the holes on the wall. Now my question is: Where to find the other object to put into the other hole, and what is the secert of those action??? Thanks for your time. From Jimmy.

A. Go to the antique shop near the Tomato Mart and the guy inside will give you a little disc which goes in the other hole.

Q. Hi,I've just finished Shen Mue and i was really sad when i saw that we have to wait to see Hong Kong!!! Do u Know when the Second Chapter will be Out? From Drizzt Do'Urden.

A. I reckon it will be out before next Christmas.

Q. Hello i just got shenmue and im currently using your walkthrough (its been really helpful!!! thanx). But my request is....could you (if you have time) tell the story and whats going on during the steps in the walkthrough. Or could you write a more detailed story section in your walkthrough? Thanx for all your help! From Dino.

A. I'm just starting to translate the story. Watch this space!!

Q. Hi, I just got Shenmue today and I didn't manage to save the game yet. Isn't it the option with the VMU displayed? If it is, how many blocks are needed to save? Maybe the VMU I'm using hasn't enough space left (73 blocks). From Dirk.

A. Your problem is that you need 80 blocks to save a game in Shenmue. The VMU icon is the Quick save option which can only be used once. To save properly you must go to Ryo's bed and select the left option.

Q. Hi, great job on the FAQ..but I don't understand why everyone calls Masayuki Fukuhara Ryo's "brother" (except in the Chinese Martial Arts sense) when he's (only) his father's student who lives at the dojo. From John.

A. I already knew that but as most people refer to him as Ryo's brother, it would avoid confusion if I just refer to him as his brother.

Q. First of all you wrote a great faq. Fortunately I understand a little Japanese so I didn't use it that often but it was a great resource. my request is this. I finished the game and put the passport disc in and it seems that I'm still short two movies in the movie section and three songs short in the music section. Maybe you could post on your site or add to the faq a list of all the uncovered extras on the passport disc. Thanks for your time and once again, nice job on the faq. From Damon.

A. I myself have one missing movie and two songs that are AWOL, and I think it's because I missed a flashback or something.

Q. When I Saw the opening scene in the game and Souryu says "Do you remember ....?" At that the father seems perplexed and Souryu says "The man you killed" To which the father says it can't be you?The following occured to me: What if RYOs dad killed Souryu's father and gave Souryu that scar when he was a kid?I bet that guy in the old photo is Sou-ryus dad. They seem like the best of friends in the picture so what could come between them? A woman perhaps? Possibly Ryo and Souryu share the same mother.I'm only at the beginning of disc 3 so I don't know what will be revealed. What do you think? From Sebtien.

A. Nothing like this happens in the game, but this would make a great revelation for the end of part 2...

Q. Hello, I was reading your fantastic Shenmue Walkthrough and had a question for you. Is the Puru-Puru pack used in this game? I haven't found an option to turn it on yet. Also have you found any Saturn discs yet in the Tomato Mart Lottery? I heard they are in there. Thanks for making this cool Walkthrough. It really is helping me. From Matt.

A. I haven't found anything to do with the Puru Puru (Rumble) Pack so I don't think that it's supported by the game. As for the Saturn discs, someone I know has one a Space Harrier disc for the Saturn, and it's basically the arcade game except you don't need to pay ¥100 per go. I haven't heard of any others, although I wouldn't be surprised if Hang-on was there somewhere.

Q. Hi, I would just like to say you did a fine job in your Shenmue walkthrough and I would just like to give you thanks for it. I have one question still... is the arcade game After Burner in this Shenmue? I have seen pictures from magazines that this game is in one of the arcades. I haven't found it yet. Is it in there somewhere? From Mike.

A. I haven't seen it anywhere. It could always be a Saturn game that you win, or it could be in an arcade in Kowloon in part 2.

Q. Hello. I'm from Bali. I want to ask you about kid mode. Before I ever played this game I read that you can turn the game into kid mode (all kanji (an advanced Japanese alphabet with 3,500 letters) text will become more basic plain Japanese text) because I only know a little about kanji. Is that true, and how can I make it happen? Thanks. From Robby.

A. This option is indeed in the game. You can find it as the first option on the option menu. Just flick it over to the right-hand option to put on basic Japanese text.

Q. Help! I've completed the game but I haven't got all the movies or songs unlocked in the passport disc. What have I done wrong? From Just About Everybody.

A. Sometimes unessential scenes will not happen (like the one with Nozomi in Sakura Park). This is to get people to play through the game more than once.

Q. When is Shenmue coming out in Europe? From a lot of you.

A. 1st December 2000.

Q. When is Shenmue II out? From a lot of you.

A. 6th September 2001 in Japan, 4th December 2001 in the US, and Early 2002 in Europe.

Q. What is on the back of Ryo's jacket? From Shingouki.

A. It's quite hard to make out but it's a tiger.

Q. What does Shenmue mean? From DBZRULES.

A. Its literal translation from Kanji means 'Destination', or as some interpret it, 'His Destination'.