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Thanks to the kind people at Video Game Centre we can offer you the chance to own a PAL copy of Shenmue II. I suggest you thank them by spending all your money there. A PAL version is the only way to play Shenmue II in English without waiting a year and paying $300 for an X-Box. For more information check the PAL Import FAQ here.

Shenmue II PAL

This competition is open to any visitors to this site and Shenmue Dojo but only one entry per email address will be accepted. Simply answer the 10 questions below using the information found on both The Shenmue Fan Site and Shenmue Dojo, and email your answers with your email address and mailing address to me using the link at the bottom of the page. If you get at least 9 correct, you'll be put into the draw and if your name is drawn you win! Don't worry, your details will be kept private and deleted once the competition is over. My decision is final, I can't email you and tell you your score, and the competition closes on Friday 26th October 2001.

Good luck!

1. What did Gamer's Republic rate Shenmue?

2. What is the name of Harbour Wars' programmer?

3. How long does What's Shenmue take to finish?

4. How many tracks does the Shenmue Original Soundtrack have?

5. With what early Dreamcast game was the Project Berkeley video given away?

6. How many technique scrolls are there in Shenmue (not including the mysterious scroll)?

7. How many stages are there on Hang-On in the You Arcade?

8. What is the first move Ryo learns in Shenmue I?

9. Give 2 of the 4 possible names for Megumi's kitten.

10. What is first prize in the Shenmue Lottery found in the Tomato Mart?

Sorry but the competition is now closed. Maybe next time!