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Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars
NA Name: Raye
Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Age: 14
Birthday: April 17th
Blood Type: AB
Fav. Color: Red, Black
Fav. Food: Fugu
Least Fav. Food: Canned Asparagus
Fav. Subject: Ancient Writing
Least Fav. Subject: Modern Science
Special Items: Ancient Charm, Scout Communicator
Personality: She is a nice person, but can be mean every now and then. She is determined to make sure that things are done correctly. When she is in the spotlight, she can be a total ham. She and Serena are great friends even though they fight constantly.
Raye is the reincarnation of the Princess of Mars, and transforms into the Passionate Fighter, Sailor Mars. Raye is a stubborn and short-tempered Shinto fire priestess, skilled in martial arts combat and meditation techniques. She attends grade eight at the Brookdale Private School (T*A Private Girls’ School in Japan) where she is very popular and well-liked. Raye’s use of ofuda (anti-evil ward scrolls) is not connected with her Sailor identity, but with her training as a priestess and her knowledge of the supernatural. Early in the series, Raye expresses her lack of confidence in Serena as leader of the Sailor Scouts, claiming that she herself would be better suited to the role. It did not help matter that both Raye and Serena had major crushes on Darien. However, after Sailor Moon transformed into the Moon Princess, Raye withdrew her objection in the face of destiny, and threw her full support behind Serena. Raye has a massive manga collection (she is an otaku), is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and a talented skier. Raye lives at the sacred temple (Hikawa Jinja in Japan) on Cherry Hill with her lecherous grandfather, Grandpa Hino, and the temple apprentice, Chad. Raye cares deeply for Chad, but will not let him know her true feelings.
Items of Power Mars Transformation Pen—First appeared in Episode # 7, upgraded in Episode # 56 Luna gives Raye this item which transformed her into Sailor Mars. However, the pen can also function as a focus for the Sailor Scouts’ personal energies, helping them combat or defend against negative energies by a sheer act of will. For example, Amy uses the pen to help prevent a dark portal to the Negaverse from closing so Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars would have time to escape back to Earth (Episode # 7). The transformation pens are also used by four of the Scouts to help defend against Malachite’s deadly blade weapons (Episode # 39). Pocket Communicator—First appeared in Episode # 14 The pocket communicator is given to the Scouts by Luna to help them alert each other to danger more quickly. The communicators are not magical, but high-tech devices with both an audio and visual component. Consequently they are not assigned a Power Point cost. Wrist Communicator—First appeared in Episode #56 This is an upgraded version of the Pocket communicator that is worn on the wrist like a watch. It does not have Power Points cost.
Transformations Mars Power—First appeared in Episode # 7. Requires Mars Transformation Pen. Mars Star Power—First appeared in Episode # 57. Requires upgraded Mars Transformation Pen.
Sailor Senshi Attacks Mars Fire Ignite—First appears in Episode # 7 Mars brings her hands together before her and interlocks her fingers, except her index fingers, which she points the sky. A flame appears at her fingers tips before she takes aim and unleashes a spiraling fireball at her target. The attack was referred to as “Mars Fireballs Charge” in Episode # 27. A variation of this attack, “Mars Firestorm Flash”, was used in Episode # 57. Mars Firebird Strike—First appeared in Episode # 48 Requires ofuda. Sailor Mars powered-up this attack after Alan and Ann’s cardian, Amphibia, destroys the sheet music on which she worked so hard for her school festival. Sailor Mars takes out an ofuda and holds it to her face between her middle and index fingers, willing it to become rigid. After she throws the ofuda at her target, Sailor Mars undergoes the attack sequence used in “Mars Fire Ignite”, but changes the words to “Mars Firebird Strike”. The fireballs engulf the scroll and takes the form of a phoenix before annihilating the target. Mars Celestial Fire Surround—First appeared in Episode # 57 Sailor Mars traces a full-body circle with her hand, leaving a trail of fire to mark her path. Six spheres appears within the circles, each containing a single kanji symbol (a Japanese language ideogram). The spheres gather towards Sailor Mars as she brings her hands close to her body, before they shoot out towards her target as golden rings of fire. Attribute/Sub-Attribute Notes 1. Both Luna and Artemis act as Sailor Mars’s guardians, but the cat’s give most of their attention to Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, respectively. 2. Sailor Mars has combined with the four other Scouts to perform Sailor Teleport Power (Episode # 40) and Sailor Planet Power (Episode # 65). She has also combined her “Mars Fire Ignite” with attacks from Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. 3. Supernatural Training—Raye had learned much about the supernatural during her training as a Shinto fire priestess. This training gives her access to several abilities unique among the Sailor Scouts: Fire Reading: Raye can sometimes interpret the temple flames to provide gudiance or answer a specific question (Soul Stat Check). For example, the fire reading has revealed to Raye that the temple worker Jed (Jedite in disguise) was responsible for the missing busses (Episode # 7) and that her Grandpa was the human trapped within the yoma, Pox (Episode # 26). Sixth Sense: Raye often knows when an evil being is nearby, giving her initiative in combat and making it very difficult to surprise her (Soul Stat Check). Raye’s extrasensory perception also allows her to locate lost wallets and watches. Ofuda Strike: Raye has the ability to create ofuda, or anti-evil scrolls, that can be used to place wards around buildings or to vanquish evil spirits. When an ofuda is thrown at a dark servant, it sticks to them like glue, and either disorients the creature or exorcises it from its host vessel (human body or inanimate object). Mars says the words “I call upon the power of Mars…Fireballs Charge!” before the attack, or “Rin pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!” in Japanese.