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May 26 Friday, The last day of school
It’s the last day of school... Amy came to work with me to help so that we could get on the road earlier, and I will be out of my room by 1pm at the latest!. A few of the boys helped me take bike with the broken frame apart. That worked out just fine. It is almost ready for repairs. We will drop it of when we are in Santa Cruz. Amy and I were out of school by 1pm. We went to my place, loaded up everything but the bikes and the cooler, then took the dogs to the kennel. We were on the road by 5pm! Woo Hoo!

I was so tired that I passed out on the couch at Arlene’s house (Amy's mom) when we arrived in Huntington Beach. The ride itself was a dissaster by usual standards. It all worked out ok in the end.... but as the drive went on, my car started to make some wretched noises. It turned out that I had a crack in my front exhaust pipe. I knew it would wreck our Saturday, but I was determined not to let it wreck the whole vacation.

May 27 Saturday, The first official day of vacation!
I got up early, but not to go for the ride that Amy and I had planned. (We had planned to ride to Laguna Beach) We called a Nissan dealership, and went in to have my exhaust repaired, only to discover that the shop was not open on Saturdays. We found another, and went in to have the exhaust repaired, but they wanted to charge over $300, and they were not able to find the part at all. Finally, Rick came to the rescue. He called a friend at Midas muffler. They welded it together for $25! I was a happy camper. I hope I am as happy with it in a few months.

After the car was fixed, we went back to the house to hang out with Arlene, Pam (Amy's sister), Seth & Jared (Amy's nephews) and a friend named Tom for a while. it was a nice afternoon. Later, Amy and I went to Performance and Supergo. We discovered the new shopping center over by Brian’s DeSousa’s house and called him in vain a few times. He was touring home from his HS reunion and Tera was enjoying a weekend out of town with friends. It was a nice, laid back day. We finished with dinner at a seafood dive called Zubie’s. (Take note Brian! You should try the place) They were loud, not at all neat (sawdust on the floor) and had HUGE portions of magnificent fish. Arlene’s friend, Judy joined us. She is quite funny. Her son, Adam joined us too. Amy hadn’t seen him since he was about 10, and she had to admit that he had changed. 
After Dinner, we all walked on the Huntington Beach Pier. We had been there for a whole day, and that was the closest we got to the ocean. I was glad to get the ocean fix. I love the smell and the sound of the waves. I wasn’t crazy about the smell of the vagrants and the sound of adolescent gang bangers, but it wasn’t too bad.

May 28 Sunday, Pam and Steve’s wedding
We went for a ride down Brookhurst, to Adams, to the bike path, and down to the beach and back before Amy and I got ready for the wedding. I didn’t take my camera. I should have. Oh well.

The wedding was very nice. I took about a million photos for Pam and will made a nice webpage for her. It is at Pam and Steve’s pageI hope she likes them. We went to a wonderful Italian place at South Coast Plaza for the reception. The food was some of the best I have had! Instead of the traditional wedding cake, they had porfiteroles! I have to tell Robin and Margaret! They have personal experience with the aerodynamic properties of this dessert.... We rolled home like a couple of beached whales to change before going to Pam’s to hang out witth the family for a while. We left around 8pm, went to Arlene’s and sat around talking with Arlene’s friend, Karen. She is on the wedding photo page with the posed photos near the end. She’s the striking woman in the black and gold pantsuit. She is one dynamite lady! I am so glad that I met her. I hope I will have a chance to see her again.