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Stuff For Sale-Odds & Ends

Prices do NOT include shipping.

wire wound resistors: Make me an offer for everything. SOLD!!! Thank you Bill Krause.


3 boxes unopened, I believe 16 transformers in each box. 3"x3"x3", 100va, 17v, 32v, 158v. may be filament transformer. work great some surface rust from moisture. 3/$20.00 or $100/box

3/4-5 leadscrew, 24" long, with bronze nut. New, never used.$30.00

3/4" I.D. Thomson and BAR ball bushings, ? pcs. removed from service. Great for linear slides.

Linear slides,4" & 6" dci or deltron, 2 pcs. also, 2 1.5"objective slides with micrometer heads. SOLD!

Power supplies, various, 5v-24v, linear & switching.

Mitutoyo Multiplexer MUX-10 for Digimatic gages,with ac adapter. 1 pcs.$40.00

Activated charcoal cloth sealed in original container. Used for ultra chemical filtering. seems to be quite a lot there.Make Offer.

radio astronomy signal detectors from radio telescopes. 1 intact, 1 for parts. Made by Cochise Instruments. Cooled by liquid helium. new price: $30,000 each. Going CHEAP!!!

OLD Trak digital readout displays for Trak DRO. 2 pcs. works, no encoders. Takes 10 micron scale or encoders, differential. have pinouts.$50.00 each

misc. lab glassware

misc. pneumatic cylinders, 1"-5" strokes. Make offer.

Lab grade HeNe laser,New 110vac, beautiful condition.$100.00 SOLD!!!

Nylon tank with cover, 48" tall, 12" diameter. unused.$30.00

Metric Trav-a-Dials, 2 pcs. Both work. $80.00/pair

Stepper motors, size 23, various, 30 pcs.$10.00 each

DC motors, small, various, ?

Respirator bodies and strap frames, 14 pcs. new in wrapping. similar to paint booth respirators, worn on face.Make offer.

Stepper motor turntable. 12" table. was used for welding round assemblies.

Function generator w/manual.Broke, output transistor blown.$40.00

Teac reel-to-reel, sound on sound, works. Extra tapes.$50.00

small vacuum oven, goes to 450, works.$70.00

Oscilloscope, student. Eico or Simpson. works.$75.00

electronic seismic detectors, rubber dust seal decayed, needs new.

Fire suit long coat& leggings. Silvered, thick, fireproof. For casting, hot work.$100.00

enlarger & layout frame, no base. Bellows intact.$45.00

Sheffield Gage.Used to detect miniscule size variations with air. about 18" tall, heavy casing.$145.00

Bemco oven, SS chamber, goes to 400 degrees F., has both heating and cooling for accurate temp control. Used to have chart recorder on top, was removed before I got to it.Large item, to be picked up only.(I just saw one of these for $11,000!!!) $150.00

7 pcs Penning vacuum gages, electronic. Nice blue cabinet, meter movement on front. calibrated in torr. works on the dissipation of heat in a vacuum.$45.00 each.

SS helium gas heater. 2 expansion chambers, 3 tubular heating chambers, 3 thermostats. Cool.(and warm.) $110.00

RS-232 terminal w/keyboard. has a jack similar to an rs45 phone jack in the back. works.$45.00

12" LDVT (Linear Differential Variable Transformer -) used.$25.00

6" LDVT-used. $18.00

2" LDVT-new in package. w/docs.$15.00

Dell c/port 2 docking station-no idea.

Current shunt-factory-maybe 50 amps-looks good.$12.00

Large precision pot-3 adjust rings-about 8" long by 2+" in diameter.-Looks good.$15.00

2 pcs medium size 10 turn pots-4" long, 1.5" diameter.$5.00 each

DST-5-10 signal transformers, 4 pcs. about 2"x2"x2" new.$5.00 each

DST-4-36 signal transformer, 1 pc. slighly smaller than above. New.$4.00

Multi selector gang resistor, 6 levels, amazing looking. New in bag.$65.00

Several hundred Banana/wire post jacks, new. Red and green.$10.00 for all.

3 alum body tubular flow gages, 8" tall. ?

plastic body flow gage, similar to above. 6" tall. ?

12 pcs Fujitsu Tablet battery chargers, dual. Appear to work.$20.00 each.

12 pcs Fujitsu batteries for above.$15.00 each

3 pcs new travel cases for Fujitsu tablets.$10.00 each.

3 pcs .3 MFD, 5 KV capacitors, dual.$17.00 each.

14 rolls #24 ga. insulated wire various colors, maybe kapton sheathing? Approximately 300 ft per roll. (original length 1K ft.)Make offer.

Colorado tape drive-scsi. no idea.

electronics engineering books.Some real esoteric subject material here.$85.00

Here is a List of all the books I have, get 'Em while they last!

Radiation Lab Series:($30.00 for all.)

Microwave Duplexers

Principles of Microwave Circuits

Technique of Microwave Measurements

Microwave Antenna Theory and Design

Microwave Receivers

Components Handbook

Crystal Rectifiers

Microwave Mixers

Theory of Servomechanisms


Individual Books/textbooks:($85.00 for all.)

Electronic Measurements

Foundations Of Electromagnetic Theory

Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms, and Optics

Applied Optics and Optical Design

Traveling Wave Antennas

Transform Analysis and Filters

Non-Linear Circuits Handbook

Optical Thin Films

Instruments and Accurate Mechanisms

Electronics Engineers Handbook

Transducer Interfacing Handbook


Geiger counter, w/manual, looks like meter has been replaced. works, I think. (no way to test; no radiation source.) Takes 1 D battery.$45.00

Electronic time clock & software, no doc's. appears to work.$30.00

That's it, there ain't no more.(as they say.)


Paul Jones