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More typical production stuff

Here are some pic's of the latest run of parts,(02/26/04) by the time these are all assembled, I will only be 5 orders behind.I thought some people would like to see some of the things that go into the various products

This is the Hardinge compound I retrofit, it works beautifully. I can maintain .0003" all day long on straight turning as long as the tool doesn't wear too badly.

Here is the cutting for the pulleys, all operations are done with the same tool, a 3/32" round nose, HSS.

Here are the finished pulleys, deburred with scotchbrite and pressed off the mandrel.

The pile of "almost finished" spindles is getting bigger, the spindle clamps are in the tumbler right now or I would have put in a picture of those.

As you can see, my pile of finished parts is getting smaller but the boxes of blanks are getting fuller.(?)

03/08/04-Here are the clamps out of the tumbler, and the baseplates for the Instant Z Axis being drilled on the "Monster".

Here are some pic's current as of 06/16/04