Contact Paul at CNC on a Budget

Snail Mail Location:

Paul Jones

PMB 410

2160 E. Fry Blvd.

Sierra Vista AZ 85635

I very rarely give out my phone #. If you are going to order 300 Instant Z Axes, and send a 50% down payment, I will be glad to give you my phone #. Otherwise..........

Here are my email addresses:


We can not promise to answer all mail because we have to give priority to our paying customers. What we can promise is to read all emails and take them into consideration. Requests for blueprints, DIY instructions, etc will be ignored. If it looks like you're not interested in purchasing a product or service, your email will probably end up in the recycle bin. I hate to be the villain, but times are hard for small shops, and I already spend two hours a day answering emails from prospective customers.

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