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lookie! Someone made us a banner. No, you couldn't have entered the contest, could you? Well, it's over. :-P (Not saying you can't still make me one! you just won't get stuff except thanks!)

My homepage protecting Chansey!

Disclaimer- Jessie, James, Meowth,and whatever Pokemon or Team Rocket stuff on the site are not mine unless I specifically say "I created this character or thing". (duh. If you're stupid enough to think they are, you need a life) Ok, so blah,blah, blah, don't sue me.

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See that ad banner that popped up? That's going to be on every one of my page from now on and that's AGAINST MY WILL! I HATE ADVERTISEMENTS AND THAT'S WHY I JOINED ANGELFIRE! If I can ever find another free server that doesn't force me to advertise I'll be moving there. Until then. HATE THE AD BANNERS!

Also, I'm looking for anyone who would gladly donate to me some pics of Giovanni (preferably where you can see at least some of his face and not the one from the instruction manual!!! I'd really like it (if anyone has it) if someone could PLEASE get me the one where he's in this Hawaiian shirt. (I think it was from the Evolution Solution). Is it just me, or are pics of him hard to find?) or Mondo. If you can, thanks. I'll give something to you, I just don't know what.

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