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August 7 2000
OK, before I said I'm not really updating... but I thought I might as well tell you... my secret plans... BWA HA HAAA! Anyways, my plans are... in Fall, after the game is released, I'm going to be completely updating this page, you know, adding all the English names, changing all the rumours to true information, etc. So, anyways, yeah.

Visit my new roms site for Pokémon Gold and Silver for you computer!!! Please! I have the official translation now.
And visit my anime reviews site, or my translations of the Gundam Wing episode zero comics. Sigh~~ all this shameless self-promotion! Oh, and, wanna know who I am?

OK I'm not really updating this page anymore. BUT, I still check my e-mail at, so e-mail me there and I'll answer, K? Thank for coming!

This Page with Frames (faster to get around)

New! Click here to see or here to print a poster of all the new Pokemon, their names, and their numbers!

Also, does anyone want more screenshots and pictures of trainers? if there's enough interest, I'll put them up.

Update! Update! Update! Update!
I did it! I finally finished putting up the new New Pokemon section! There is a picture of every new Pokemon, and, of course, each is on it's own page! Check it out! Also, I just updated the "information" section. About time!
Note: If any links on my page don't work (because I've changed stuff), PLEASE e-mail me to tell me! My e-mail address is (actually, it's my new e-mail address!), or use my form! Thanks!

New! Polls! Please vote!

Also, there are people and websites that have helped me make this page. If you would like to see a list of credits, click here. NOTE:My credits page containes cool links!

If you want to know where I got my pictures visit my credits page!

Oh yeah, and thank you for visiting my website!


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