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Pícaro's home page


Hi and thanks for visiting my web site. As you can see it took me weeks to update this web page and I'm sorry! I put some cheesey pictures at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment!

I am a easy-going, good-looking guy that just wants to meet up with some guys and see what happens. I think I'm leaning towards a casual relationship right now.

My stats?
Stand 5'10" tall,
weigh in at 160lbs,
I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Often I make it to the gym, but strictly to keep the weight off and tone. (I prefer to keep a "natural" build)

I am an aggressive bottom that enjoys an active lifestyle. I am a spontaneous, fun loving guy who enjoys outdoor activities. I try to travel as much as possible, yet, really enjoy a good time with friends, barbecuing in the backyard. I have my own personality, thoughts and feelings, which sometimes do not agree with the typical gay stereotype. I try to concentrate and focus on "important" issues rather than waste time on trivial or small stuff.

I gravitate to, and prefer healthy, inshape guys, with Latinos, gym bears, cubs and daddies (read attitude more so than age), being my flavor of choice. Although I am "attracted" to younger guys (20s) I have yet to find one that is mature enough to spend time with. I would like to meet guys that are "youthful" in their attitudes and thoughts, yet, mature enough to handle a relationship if one develops.

Check out the fun were're having! Thats me in the middle!

Here's my buddy Bill and I. (Sorry Bill)

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