P-Fit Program
a very personal fitness regimen

Head Inflation
Penis Exercise

What will it do:

increase the size and shape of the head of the penis, giving a more well-defined rim
How does it work:
forces blood into the penis head, expanding the inner chambers and thereby allowing for a larger erection
How do I begin:
Your penis must be somewhat erect, slightly swollen but not hard. Lie down flat on your back or stand upright.
What do I do:
Make a circle with your thumb and index finger. Using an overhand grip (the palm on top of the penis) wrap that circle around the base of your slightly-erect penis and grip it tightly.

Now slide your grip up toward the head. You will feel the head swell up. Pull firmly away from your body to maximize the inflation of the head.

You may have to slide all the way up the shaft so that your grip is just behind the head and the head is inside your hand. The head of your penis should feel very inflated, like it's going to burst. It shouldn't be painful, but you have to feel the stretch for this exercise to be effective.

Hold this position while you slowly count "one - two - three..." up to ten.

Then switch hands and repeat.

Begin by doing ten seconds with each hand, and do each hand twice on the first day. After a day or two, do fifteen seconds with each hand and do each hand twice. Every few days add another five seconds until you can do it for thirty seconds with each hand.

Do two sets with each hand every day.

Personal Note:
I do this one every morning in the shower.

Enlarging the head of your penis can have a positive effect on your partner's enjoyment of intercourse. The more pronounced rim can increase stimulation of her sensitive areas.

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