I got board one day and started checking out bonehead sites to see if they have any good reason to refer to them selves as "Skinheads". As it turns out they dont. Basically the only thing that even remotely links them to true skinheads is their style of dress. Listen to this propaganda bullshit I got off the rahowa(racial holy war)page.
Q. What's this we hear about Jamaicans having shaved heads too?

A. England at the time was the whore to all non-white immigration, and thus being the case, all the scum of the world wanted to come to "Great Britain". Jamaican's used to put cow shit in their hair for their dreadlocks, so upon entering England, the government forced them to shave their heads to prevent the spread of diseases. It was only a matter of time before they once again had a full head of hair (if you can even call it that) and they too were early victims of white youth aggression.
You may note that there's alot of 12 yr old kids webpage on Geocities claiming to be "trads" and saying the the Jamaicans and the original skinheads were all together in one big happy gay brotherhood. This very concept is being promoted by the jews as explained further on, but let me make one obvious point. Whereas the term "paki bashin" is well known for meaning the original skinheads rode around looking to beat up non-white immigrants, do you honestly think at the same time they would go back to a bar and then hang out with non-white immigrants from Jaimaca? I mean come on folks, there is no difference here, one is a nigger from a third world island, one is a sand nigger from a third world dump in the east. Both, in the skinheads eyes, were invading their homeland with their high crime, causing unemployement, disease...etc...
It's so ludicrous and silly but never-the-less I've taken the opportunity to point out the hypocricy involved in it. The only reason I do so is because invariably alot of people may type in the key word "skinhead" in a search engine and find a webpage promoting homosexuality & equality under the name of skinheads but this is absurd. One could get the impression from reading their webpages that skinheads are all hippies/commies/druggies with short hair. Logic & history states otherwise, and when logic fails, force prevails.
My, god! What the fuck is this guy talking about. Listen here dipshit, hows about you pick up some kinda' literature on the history of skinheads or skinhead reggae, Theres only hundreds of articles and books circulating the globe about it you fucking scumbag! Thats what I call pure fuckin' ignorance. The inability and refusal to beleive whats so obviously true. You are not skinheads, white power has nothing to do with skinhead.pittbull@rahowa.com..... you are a true idiot. If you've got a fuckin' thing to say about it e mail me bitch! --- americanskin@yahoo.com --- you fucking pussy!!!