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Gel can be applied to your natural nail or to a tip. Gel looks very natural and leaves the nail with a shiney finish. Gel strengthens the nail but not as strong as acrylic. When gel nails are applied the natural nails actually grows faster and is very healthy. Unlike Acrylic nails Gel nails cannot be filed or shaped after the application. It is necassary to have Gel nails refilled ever 2-3 weeks depending on nail growth.


Other than not being as strong and not being able to file the Gel nail the application is also different
the gel can be used as an overlay or on a tip
The gel is applied to the nail and then placed under an ultr violet light to set then another coating is applied and sealed on the free edge of the nail and the sides are checked for overflow
then placed under light once again to set the gel
The overlay is then lightly buffed for rough edges and the nail is ready to be painted


Fullset Of Gel Tips $30.00

Gel Overlay On Natural Nail $20.00

Refill ( every 2-3 weeks) $20.00

Polish Only $7.00

Repair or Replacement of nail $3.00

Repair or Replacement of nail at fill $2.50