Roswell Episodes

These are all the episodes of Roswell so far that I have been able to make reviews on since I started this page. Roswell plays on CTV channel 12 on Mondays at 8:00. In the U.S Roswell plays on the WB on Wednesdays at 9:00.

Roswell Cast

Roswell Cast
The Balance: Micheal pays a visit to River Dog and gets so sick he will die unless the find a cure
Aired Originally on Dec.15.99 Rerun Aired on Apr.03.00
Blood Brothers: Max gets into an accident that lands him in the hospital. They need a human male blood sample fast. But who will do it?
Aired Originally on Nov.24.99 Rerun Aired on Mar.27.00
River Dog: Max and Liz meet a man that can help them find out the truth
Aired Originally Nov.17.99 Rerun Aired on Mar.20.00
Sexual Healing: Max and Liz start seeing visions when they kiss
Aired on Mar.13.00
Independence Day: Micheal runs away from Home
Aired on Mar.06.00

Upcoming Episodes

!NEW! Crazy will be airing on Apr.10.00
Topolsky returns telling them she once tried to expose them and they are in danger because the evidence has landed in the wrong hands.


Those of you that haven't already heard, Roswell is in serious trouble. Only 1 show out of Roswell, Popular, and Jack&Jill will move on for another season. Roswell must be picked! Please help out by writing to the addresses below.

Write to these 3 people.
1) Susanne Daniels - President
2) Jordan Levin - Executive V.P. of Programming
3) Jamie Kellner - CEO

To this address:
The WB
3701 Oak St.
Burbank CA 91522

Do not mention cancellation, do mention how much you love the show and why you love it. Be polite, keep it short, nothing long winded. Please please put this up on your boards. We need to save Roswell.

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