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These are all the episodes of Angel so far that I have been able to make reviews on since I started this page. Angel plays on the New PL channel 9 or 21 on Tuesdays at 9:00. It also plays on the Space Channel channel 44 on Thursdays at 9:00 in Canada. In America, it plays on the WB on Tuesdays at 9:00.

David Boreanaz as Angel Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce Elisabeth Rohm as Kate Lockley

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Angel, Doyle and Cordy
Eternity: Angel saves the life of a star who wants more from him once she finds out he's a vampire
Aired on Apr.04.00
I Will Remember You: Angel turns into human and is able to be with Buffy but is he happy
Aired Originally on Nov.23.99 Rerun on Mar.28.00
Somnabulist: Angel has dreams of murders happening at his own hands that becom real
Aired originally on Jan.18.00 Rerun on Mar.21.00
Parting Gifts: Cordy and Angel mourn over Doyle's death while a not so new person enters their lives
Aired originally on Dec.14.99 Rerun on Mar.13.00
City of: Angel moves to L.A to start a new life.
Aired originally on Oct.05.99 Rerun on Mar.06.00
The Ring: Angel is a slave and has to kill 21 demons to be freed
Aired on Feb.29.00
The Prodigal:
Aired on Feb.22.00

Upcoming Episodes

She (Rerun) on Apr.11.00
A princess from a parallel universe has a mission that puts Angel in the middle of it
Expecting (Rerun) on Apr.18.00
After a night of fun Cordy finds herself pregnant with something unnatural!
!NEW! Five By Five Airing on Apr.25.00
After escaping the Scooby Gang in Sunnydale, Faith is hired by Wolfram and Hart in L.A to terminate Angel.
!NEW! Sanctuary Airing on May.02.00
Buffy comes to L.A looking for Faith, but she finds her being protected by Angel
!NEW! Warzone Airing on May.09.00
!NEW! Blind Date Airing on May.16.00
!NEW! To Shanshu in L.A Airing on May.23.00

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