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Catch a falling star...

To all my friends here is your chance to catch a falling star...

First shoutouts go out to my ex-boyfriend James! What can I say? Even though my parents didn't like our relationship at first, I'm glad that we were able to make it through that. I'm sorry that things weren't able to continue with us. I can only help that we will have a relationship as friends. May things in your life always turn out for the better. I'll always be here for you!

Second, I'll have to shoutout to Jeff. We had some great times as a couple, but we will continue having fun as friends. You've stuck by me through alot and I can't thank you enough. I'm very proud of you for everything you've accomplished and I hope you make NFL this year. Good luck always with your olympic weightlifting and I'll be front row!! Hey.. got any gum?? haha :o)

Third shoutouts are due to my best friends (my sisters) Suzy, Kristin, and Nikki.
Suzy what can I say, you are the craziest cat of them all! I wish you and *Sir* all the best of luck! Just remember "Misery *ahem* loves company" You have to admit too that we've had some great times driving around in my Tercel (putter putter sput sput die). R.I.P. my deceased putter! And don't forget to watch out for all those IHOP guys.. ouch!
Kristin, well your Kristin! I wouldn't love you any other way though. We've had some of the best times too up there is Aurora. AHH YEAH!! Never forget that "Jocks shouldn't teach Math"! Always remember, sisters are never inseperable!! I love you!
Nikki, 13 years is a heck of a long time.. but they have been worth every minute! What can I say but you are the best babe!! I love you.. you are the sister that I never had. I will always be here for you, remember that!

Next shouts go to my other guys. Matt, you're just the sweetest guy! You've always been there for me when I needed you! I can't wait to see you face to face.. just remember you owe me a ride on the tea-cups!! :o) *hugs*
Dan well.. all I can say is thank you! You've listened to me and "disagreed" loudly. We'll be friends forever though no doubt. Keep your head up, you'll find someone. Watch out for those "friends with benefits"... you never know where they will lead!

Now since you put up such a fuss.. I owe apologies to my family for forgetting you! Again what can I say... Dan, Steve, Cara, Chandler, Shayleigh (that's for you Steve), Mom, Dad and Joey... need I say more!! You are my family and I love everyone of you! Steve sorry about the car.. you can have it back if you want! :o)

And last but not least.. all my other friends. If I forgot you it's because I ran out of room. I'm thinking of you though. I luv you all!! :o)

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