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Meteorite Poems

Alright this page is finally here.. before you go any further, I must remind you that the poems on this page are the thoughts and feelings of my life. They are not to be copied, redone, or taken without permission. Thank you!


Just a small step from reality
I've always felt this way.
A small intruder into others lives
Never knowing exactly who you are.
Forever asking "Who am I?"
And "Am I needed?"
Society's little laughing object,
The outkast of this world.
Can't help but think "If I were gone,
would they miss me?"
Do I know who my true friends are?
A simple action could take away all the pain.
A small step from reality,
The outkast of this world.


To see ones face day after day,
That smile that casts darkness away.
To feel the warmth of that friendship vow,
That grace of your heart, right here right now.
To hear your voice so strong yet sweet,
That gentle whisper of my heart beat.
To smell the aroma of your cologne,
That touch of caringness I've never known.
To look at you the way I do,
I can't help but think this couldn't be true.


Footsteps on my door at night
The quiet rapping in my head
Do I wake or do I sleep?
Never knowing who could lurk
just outside my mind.
Footsteps on my door at night
The gentle punding in my chest
Shall I stir or lie so still?
I might disturb the stalker,
that lays within me.
Footsteps on my door at night
The slow whispering in my legs
Should I move or drift on back?
Oh no, I've awaken and now
I'm dead!

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