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Hey there, somehow you have managed to come across my world. Whether you know me or not, you are always welcome here. Now I don't know if your stay will be long or if it will be very short, but I hope you enjoy it!
If you don't know me.. let me give you just a little insight. First my name is Mary.. I was born on October 2nd. I have lived in Tucson, Arizona for all but 6 years of my life. I lived in Denver for 4 of those and Colorado Springs for the other two. I'm not in High School, I was semi-forced to leave after my sophomore year and go to college.. but that didn't last long either. I left college about half way through the first semester, got my GED, and concentrated more on working. Again times changed and I'm going to be attending a community college soon for Photography.
I guess that is about all.. I luv you guys! :o)

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