How to Look Like Rose From Titanic: Basic Beauty Tips and Things to Buy


To give Kate a perfectly pale, upper-class complexion, Tina Earnshaw (makeup artist) used a foundation with a dewy finish. "The secret is powdering it in, so you get that lovely porcelain look," she says. Then she blended just a little bit of cream blush onto Kate's cheeks and chin, as well as at her brow bone. (Try Bobbi Brown Essentials Cream Blush Stick in Warm Peach.)

*~*~*EYES AND LIPS*~*~*

"They didn't really use mascara in those days; they used kohl on their eyes. So we tried to replicate that period feel," says Tina. "I used a kohl around Kate's eyes, so when she cried it ran and it looked authentic." (Try Origins Kohl Mine in Black Kohl, a modern, stay-put formula.) Tina also applied a pale-pink powder to Kate's lids to emphasize her blue eyes. (Try Maybelline Expert Eyes Eyeshadow in Pink Opal.) To give her lashes a glossy finish, Tina used The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel in clear. For Kate's daytime lip look, tina combined two pencils to get a coral color, which she then topped with gloss. (Try Jane Barely Lips in Out of Apricot.) For the evening scenes, she used a combination of darker pencils and a touch of glass to achiece a rich plum shade. (Try L'Oreal Crayon Petite Automatic in Plums/Wines.)


A natural brunette, Kate loved going red for the movie, says Los Angeles-based stylist Campbell McAuley, who cuts her hair. (For a similar look, try Clairol Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry or Terracotta.) Titanic hairstylist Kay Georgiu touched up the roots every few weeks. Kate also wore extensions to give her fine locks more length and volume. (Off the set, according to Campbell, the actress uses volumizing spray to plumpup her hair.) The end result: a beautiful rose. "Kate loved the look," says Tina. "She couldn't get enough of it. She adored looking flawless."

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