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Jim and Jane's New Home

Just like our new home, this site is divided into
separate rooms...Ours, Hers, and His!


Our House
Our Son Bear
Our Wedding
Our Vacation

We were married last September 26th in our new house at the Lakes in Tempe, Arizona. Our son, the Bear missed our wedding because he seems to consider hard plastic objects as gourmet dog food. He had surgery the day after the wedding to remove assorted objects from his intestines, and is doing fine. However, because of his problems, we missed our honeymoon, so we are really were looking forward to our vacation to Hawaii. It was worth the wait!!


Jane's Room
Family Album

Welcome to my room on the internet. While you are here, I hope you take time to meet my family, the Schlumbergers. My mother, Mary, lives in Texas, my sister, Anne, lives in Tucson. My brother, Charlie lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jim and I do a lot of things together, and we manage to get out and play golf together several times a month. In my spare time, I volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League, a "no-kill" animal shelter here in the Valley.


Jim's Room
Family Album
Old Time Radio

Since you are already here, you ought to stop by my room on the net. You can meet my very unusual family, the Blackwells. My mother, Betty, lives in Phoenix, as does my brother, Bill, the musician. My other brother, John, lives in Murray, Utah. My baby sister, Judy, lives in Bellingham, WA, with her husband Mike and three children, Sarah, Josh, and Annie. I am a Municipal Bond Trader by profession, but my spare time is spent with Jane, bowling, and collecting Old Time Radio programs.

Thank you for visiting our home at Angelfire.
Please come back and visit us again!