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Jimmy Eat World Band Chat 11-8-99

11:07p.m. EST 2:03a.m. EST

Run by a slightly intoxicated mr-fr0sty (aka Joe from detroit)
*note: i am not an alchoholic, but thanks for the "get well" emails.

Thanks to Jim and Zach for answering over 100 questions.

Also, special thanks to the helpers:
Clam (chris), gogo (scott), Nilla (Joy) marty_
QUESTIONTAKER (oh wait, thats me), and last but not least, mr-fr0sty (oh wait, just me again)

But most of all, thanks to all the fans who came.

(all 313 of you who came throughout the course of the chat.)

I edited out most of the bullshit. Enjoy.



[23:07] <QUESTIONTAKER> i am QUESTIONTAKER, double click on my name to ask the band questions

[23:08] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v zachlind

[23:09] <clam> hey zach

[23:09] <mr-fr0sty> hey zach

[23:09] <zachlind> hey

[23:09] <mr-fr0sty> are you ready?

[23:09] <zachlind> yup

[23:10] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:08] <olpvader> are there any tour plans left for clarity, or is the new record gonna get started?

[23:10] <zachlind> there aren't any us tour plans for clarity. we hope to hit japan in the spring

[23:11] <zachlind> we are starting on a new record

[23:11] <zachlind> we hope to record in the spring

[23:11] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:10] <Chaser226> hey zach this is Eddie Hennessy friend and i was wondering if you guys had any plans coming to the southeast at all

[23:12] <zachlind> we don't have any tour plans for the u.s. at all for the near future

[23:12] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:11] <trent_grls> if you could be any superhero who would you be?)

[23:12] <zachlind> wolverine

[23:12] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:11] <Smerf> is there any tour plans for canada?

[23:13] <zachlind> we don't have any plans as of now, but we are very motivated to get there in the near future

[23:13] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:11] <CAVEMEN27> why is your new albulm so mellow compared to your old stuff?

[23:13] <zachlind> because we are getting old

[23:13] <zachlind> haha

[23:14] <zachlind> we are just getting different tastes in what we listen to.

[23:14] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:11] <olpvader> is sweetness gonna be on the new cd?

[23:14] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:13] <olpvader> will there be a new EP out to satisfy us before the new CD, like the EP with softer?

[23:14] <zachlind> yeah, it will be out on cd in some form

[23:14] <zachlind> maybe. we are looking to do a compilation of old vinyl stuff on cd

[23:14] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:14] <Smerf> do you guys smoke pounds of green before shows?

[23:15] <zachlind> i don't smoke at all, but the other guys smoke in their own moderation

[23:15] <zachlind> some more than others

[23:15] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:14] <armitage21> how old are the group members now? average age if individual ages are too personal

[23:16] <zachlind> i am 23, all the others are 24

[23:16] <zachlind> except rick, i think he is 25

[23:16] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:15] <Akira-Chicago> Is there anyplace fans can get ahold of JEW merchandies? Do you/the band/friend/label/anyone sell stuff via mail/internet?

[23:17] <zachlind> we are setting up a way for you to order jew merch from our website

[23:17] <zachlind> it will be up very shortly

[23:17] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:16] <johnrejba2000> Hey, zach it's rejba from good ole K.C., now that Drake's moving to europe who's going to drive the van?

[23:18] <zachlind> haha, hey rejba

[23:18] <zachlind> we will fly him from europe

[23:18] <zachlind> there is no substitute

[23:18] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:17] <Smerf> do you guys wheel up the ladies when on tour?

[23:19] <zachlind> i don't since i am getting married in three weeks, but the other have their fun

[23:19] <zachlind> but they don't go wild

[23:20] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:17] <thisstarkills> what do you think about this whole scene going mainstream?

[23:21] <zachlind> well, i am not sure what you are refering to, but i hardly consider us in the mainstream. but i think it is always good when bands work hard and are able to build a fan base in any way they can

[23:21] <zachlind> its all about having fun

[23:21] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:19] <Houston> What bands do you think may have influenced you on static previals+clarity?

[23:22] <zachlind> drive like jehy, rftc, archers of loaf, sunny day real estate, elliot smith

[23:22] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:20] <emopunk616> zach how do u feel about the use of the drum machine on the newer music?

[23:23] <zachlind> i feel great about it because it was my idea. i love doing stuff like that

[23:23] <mr-fr0sty> ok, im sorry, im talking to jim, and he is super lost, i dont know if i can help him

[23:23] <zachlind> i always mess around with my drum machine

[23:23] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:13] <FunkyPickle> What kind of stuff are you guys listening to these days? Don't just say lots of stuff, i wanna know what bands or artists!

[23:24] <zachlind> i am listening to tom petty wildflowers, the sea and cake, michael jackson thriller

[23:24] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:08] <rockstar> is "episode iv" a star wars reference?

[23:25] <zachlind> i am not sure about thaqt. that is something for tom to answer

[23:25] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:15] <rockstar> how did you do the overdubbed voices at the end of "for me this is heaven" ? do they repeat the same vocal track or do they say something different?

[23:26] <zachlind> jim went through and recorded different vocal pattern and we just looped them . so they are just going over and over

[23:26] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:16] <chazz> is music everyone's main job? do any of you guys have full-time/part-time jobs other than the band? what would you guys be doing if you weren't in a band?

[23:26] <zachlind> for the most part. we work odd jobs here and there to get buy.

[23:27] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:15] <caulfield> are you guys big wedding present fans? how did you end up covering spangle?

[23:27] <zachlind> jim is a huge wedding present fan. that was his doing. i like them, but don't own any of their records

[23:27] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:08] <crossmyheart> hey, oh boy oh boy. um were you guys ever good friends with chris simpson?

[23:28] <zachlind> that name sounds familiar

[23:28] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:19] <crossmyheart> hey are any of you guys religous?

[23:29] <zachlind> i read the bible and follow a lot of it a great deal, but i wouldn't consider it a religion. just a way of thinking and living. that might not make sense

[23:30] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:16] <junkdogg> how did capitol here about you guys? did you send them a demo before they saw you?

[23:30] <zachlind> no, we never sent out anything. they just heard us by chance and like it.

[23:31] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:26] <junkdogg> is there any advice you can give for a band just starting out thats trying to get noticed and heard?

[23:31] <zachlind> well, i guess just focus on writing songs that you love

[23:31] <zachlind> and that is all you can do. hope that others love them too

[23:31] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:19] <kidklone> do you guys love christmas *that* much?

[23:32] <zachlind> hahaha. i love christmas. who doesn't but i understand the question. it just happens to come up in the songs, but i am not sure why. that is one for jim

[23:31] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:19] <clam> did you get dropped from capitol, is mark hoppus hooking you up at MCA?

[23:33] <zachlind> mark hoppus has not contacted us so as far as we are concerned, no

[23:33] <zachlind> but we were dropped

[23:33] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:08] <ponyboy27> Hey guys, I heard Crumb is one of your influences? Is this true?

[23:34] <zachlind> no, they are just friends of ours. not an influence really. jim plays some guitar on their last album

[23:35] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:26] <Chaser226> when am i going to hear you sing some on the next album, Zach??

[23:35] <zachlind> haha, never

[23:35] <zachlind> i don't have a good voic

[23:35] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:31] <RobotJazz> does jim sing in falsetto sometimes

[23:36] <zachlind> yeah, he sings it quite a bit in clarity. on sky harbor and sunday for sure

[23:36] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:34] <hey> Why are you guys boycotting the nile theater?

[23:37] <zachlind> because we have been ripped off by corey adams too many times. we don't like that guy and how he runs his club.

[23:37] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:13] <JJSTOKES> why dont u guys plan on touring the us, arent most of your fans here n e ways

[23:38] <zachlind> we did tour the u.s. for about three months this year. we played both east and west coast twice already.

[23:31] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:15] <imahomosexualcow> what happened with capitol?

[23:39] <zachlind> well, we asked capitol for the last two years or so to let us go. and they finally did. we didnt belong there. things were changing there at a rapid pace and we wanted out.

[23:40] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:19] <df1212> why dont you play pop punk anymore like nofx?

[23:40] <zachlind> nofx is a great band. but our tastes changed alot. pop punk wasn't exciting to us any more

[23:41] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:13] <irata> are you guys going to incorprate any new instruments into your band?

[23:42] <zachlind> well, we would like to take a fifth performer on the road with us so we can do more of that, but on clarity, there are aready a lot of instruments and i think if we had more

[23:42] <zachlind> it would be too much

[23:42] <zachlind> you dig?

[23:42] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:32] <armitage21> when you tour, do you end up having to crash on people's floor or did capitol hook you guys up with a nice van?

[23:43] <zachlind> well, both actually. we got a great van from capitol and we stayed on many floors over the years. we have more fun that way. sometimes we het hotels, but it's always fun to stay with our friends allover

[23:44] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:42] <cavemen27> outside of the band , are you guys close friends?

[23:45] <zachlind> yeah. for the most part. i live about a 30 min drive away, so i don'tsee them much. but we are good friends. they are all my groomsmen at my wedding coming up

[23:45] <QUESTIONTAKER> lets just get this one out of the way, cuz about 40 people asked it.... [23:40] <emopunk616> what label have u signed to, or plan on signing to now?

[23:46] <zachlind> we haven't signed with any label and we have no idea who we will sign with, but i doesn't really matter.

[23:46] <zachlind> we just want to do what we do

[23:46] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:39] <Smerf> what are some of your favorite bands from the 70's?

[23:47] <zachlind> stones, simon&garfunkel

[23:47] <zachlind> i guess

[23:47] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:45] <mazzy> hey last time you guys stayed at my apartment, you left a bottle of you want it back?

[23:48] <zachlind> no,it's cool. just keep it and consider it a gift from us to you for letting us crash

[23:48] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:24] <olpvader> what's the phone conversation in the background of angst for joel??

[23:49] <zachlind> that is a phone message left by a guy matt matinez i don't really remember what it says)

[23:49] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:46] <trent_grls> Which one did you think was hotter...Obi-wan kenobi from the original movies or the new young obi-wan-kenobi?...Personally we prefer the youthful Ewan Mcgregor..but on the other hand Alec Guiness is pretty sexy in his own right....we think obi-wan-kenobi would dance well to Clarity...

[23:49] <mr-fr0sty> JIM IS FUCKING FINALLY HERE!

[23:50] *** jimadkins [] is on IRC

[23:50] <zachlind> i thought alec guiness was really sexy in a bridge over river kwai

[23:50] <zachlind> but i will go with the youth

[23:51] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:23] <xraphiex> how did your song end up in the commercial for the new jennifer love hewitt show?

[23:52] <zachlind> they asked usif they could use it for the show, and we said that it would be fine for them to use it for a fee, and they agreedmark trombino again?

[23:53] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:28] <thisstarkills> are you guys going to work with mark trombino again?

[23:53] <zachlind> yeah, that is the plan right now

[23:53] <zachlind> he is awesome

[23:54] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:29] <FunkyPickle> What is the biggest thing people have thrown at you on stage?

[23:54] <zachlind> there really hasn't been much in the way of that, but maybe a glass of ice

[23:55] <jimA2000> someone through a shoe at rick...

[23:55] <zachlind> really?

[23:55] <jimA2000> during bad religion

[23:55] <jimA2000> at the palace

[23:55] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:45] <FunkyPickle> Met anyone really famous yet?

[23:55] <zachlind> drummer for skid row

[23:55] <zachlind> drew barrymore

[23:56] <jimA2000> my drunk roomate just wants to telll everyone the dead milkem are god

[23:56] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:26] <HotDogGuy> it seems there is a bit of contention on stage sometimes, do you guys ever get into fights and punch each other?

[23:56] <jimA2000> all the time

[23:56] <zachlind> i get pissed at rick and tom for fucking up

[23:56] <zachlind> but i get over it

[23:57] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:44] <HotDogGuy> Now that your not on Capitol, are you guys in serious debt to them now?

[23:57] <zachlind> no, not at all, but capitol is

[23:57] <zachlind> haha

[23:57] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:28] <Jer> "Claire" always sounded to me like something that could've easily fit into an episode of MY SO-CALLED intentional reference or a totally different Claire?

[23:58] <jimA2000> yes, the song is for claire danes

[23:58] <zachlind> jim, they think you are serious

[23:58] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:28] <chazz> there's an mp3 of the song "Ramina" floating around. what's the story behind that song? was it on any release?

[23:59] <zachlind> it was on a local comp of bands in phoenix

[23:59] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:31] <chazz> how's mitch porter doing? do you guys still chill with him at all? does he ever regret leaving the band?

[23:59] <zachlind> i don't know what is up with mitch

[23:59] <zachlind> i haven't seen him in years

[23:59] <zachlind> i don't know if he regrets it or not

[23:59] <clam> since he hit that old man with the van in texas

[23:59] <zachlind> haha

[00:00] <jimA2000> fuck, i forgot about that

[00:00] <clam> he had to pay the guy didnt he

[00:01] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:47] <chazz> are you guys buddies with jonah matranga from far? how did he get involved in the "lucky denver mint" video?

[00:02] <zachlind> the director of the video is friends with him and had him in the video. we met jonah at the video shoot and he seems to be a cool guty

[00:03] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:58] <rachel12345> who are your favorite bands to play with?

[00:03] <zachlind> at the drive in, no knife

[00:03] <zachlind> jim?

[00:03] <jimA2000> yes

[00:03] <QUESTIONTAKER> is jim still with us?

[00:03] <jimA2000> yes

[00:03] <zachlind> so go ahead and jump in anytime

[00:03] <jimA2000> i am refusing secret messages. it just seems rude

[00:04] <zachlind> well there are other quesions

[00:04] <QUESTIONTAKER> jim, i told them all before that the band cannot get to all secret messages, they are wrong for even trying

[00:04] <QUESTIONTAKER> what's your guys opinion on the whole mp3 do you feel about mp3's like sweetness being passed around

[00:04] <jimA2000> it is cool people like our new songs

[00:05] <zachlind> it's cool, in some ways, bad in some ways. about sweetness. it's not that big deal. that isn't the final version of the song anyways so it really doen't matter

[00:05] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:50] <rockstar> **please** ask jim what the deal with christmas is (christmas card.. 10.23.99 .. etc. :) thnx

[00:06] <zachlind> jim go ahead and answer the christmas question

[00:06] <zachlind> haha

[00:06] <zachlind> you suck at this

[00:06] <jimA2000> every year i like writing a christmas song

[00:07] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:30] <paul00> What kind of shoes do you wear? are they green? i like green shoes

[00:07] <zachlind> i wear teva's

[00:07] <jimA2000> my shoes are green flojos

[00:07] <zachlind> black with purple lines

[00:07] <jimA2000> hahahah

[00:07] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:34] <crossmyheart> hey do any of you guys have any other side projects other then crumb?

[00:08] <zachlind> crumb is not a side project

[00:08] <jimA2000> crumb isnt a side project

[00:08] <jimA2000> they had asked me to come play on a few songs

[00:08] <zachlind> i have a drum and base solo project called tarantula

[00:09] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:35] <Overit> the reaction to "white trash heroes" has kinda been mixed..if you've heard it, what do you think?

[00:09] <zachlind> hagven't heard it.

[00:10] <jimA2000> is it a jug and washboard type band?

[00:10] <QUESTIONTAKER> [00:08] <jorgehinojosa> whats the secret of playing through a rat pedal and making it sound good...JIM? you were supposed to show me in SC.

[00:10] <jimA2000> the secret of playing through a rat pedal and making it sound good is to run it on low distortion with high volume

[00:10] <QUESTIONTAKER> [00:02] <caulfield> hey zack what was the deal with the accident when you guys were coming to SC the last time...water skiing or something i belive?

[00:11] <zachlind> oh, jim ruptured his ear drum bailing on the wake board

[00:11] <jimA2000> bleeding from it

[00:11] <zachlind> he ate major shit

[00:11] <jimA2000> some of the most excrutiating pain i havre ever felt

[00:12] <jimA2000> sorry to anyone around who came to the show

[00:12] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:35] <caulfield> are you guys gonna get into the moogs and rebirth progs on the new album like seems to be the trend lately?

[00:12] <zachlind> well, we had moogs and rebirth on clarity

[00:12] <jimA2000> we use some of it just because it was around in the studio

[00:12] <zachlind> so we did that already

[00:13] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:38] <kidklone> how'd you like making the video? & were any of you actually athletes in high school?

[00:13] <zachlind> i played baseball

[00:13] <jimA2000> i did track for 11 years

[00:13] <zachlind> tom played on the girls volleyballteam

[00:14] <jimA2000> rick was a trainer

[00:14] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:49] <kidklone> was it a band decision for jim to sing most of clarity or did tom just not want to?

[00:14] <zachlind> i dedided that toms voice sucks

[00:14] <zachlind> so i sat everyone down and said"this is the way it's going to be. jk

[00:15] <jimA2000> the reason i sing more is because i had written a shitload of songs for a side project band. it didn't work out so we had all these songs...

[00:15] <jimA2000> the guys were into them

[00:15] <jimA2000> so we made them our songs

[00:16] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:42] <aboc> When do you guys plan on another album coming out, even if it'll be awhile?

[00:16] <jimA2000> we would like to record in the spring

[00:16] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:52] <Trizz8> Is there a story behind 'For Me This Is Heaven' and its lyrics and meaning?

[00:16] <zachlind> it is about him and a chick

[00:17] <zachlind> makout city

[00:17] <jimA2000> no comment

[00:17] <zachlind> it is about making out with a chick, and time is running out, because her parents are coming home

[00:17] <jimA2000> our songs are about anything you want them to be

[00:17] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:55] <Trizz8> My English Teacher Picked out the connection of GoodBye Sky Harbor, it's my fav. Is there any significance for the length?

[00:18] <zachlind> yeah, you emailed us that he played it class

[00:18] <zachlind> word

[00:18] <jimA2000> i think the part just lends itself for repitition

[00:18] <zachlind> he must be a harvard grad

[00:18] <jimA2000> i used to sit in my room and noodle with the riff for a while

******************About half the people get disconnected from a net split***************************

[00:19] <jimA2000> they arent bailing

[00:19] <jimA2000> it is a server split

[00:19] <jimA2000> happens

[00:19] <QUESTIONTAKER> god fucking dammit

[00:19] <zachlind> joe is gripping

[00:19] <zachlind> joe, i'ts cool. you are being very undude

[00:20] <jimA2000> now there will be rumors we are too cool

*************Even more people get disconnected, and me and a few people just talk about personal shit*******************


[00:25] <QUESTIONTAKER> there was a net split, but we will continue the chat at this time

[00:26] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:46] <armitage21> so did being in a band help you meet your soon-to-be wife?

[00:26] <zachlind> not really

[00:26] <zachlind> she really didin't know who we were when i met her. which was a good thing

[00:26] <QUESTIONTAKER> [00:26] <Smerf> what bands do you guys hate? (we won't tell)

[00:27] <jimA2000> creed maybe

[00:27] <jimA2000> uh uh

[00:27] <zachlind> creed for sure

[00:28] <QUESTIONTAKER> [23:47] <C-Dog> at what approximate age did you guys first start to play your instruments?

[00:29] <jimA2000> i started playing piano in 1st grade but stopped

[00:29] <zachlind> i started about 11 years old

[00:29] <jimA2000> i started guitar when i was around 8

**************76 people get disconnected*************************

[00:30] <jimA2000> so..

[00:30] <mr-fr0sty> i dont need this shit!@

[00:32] <jimA2000> fuck pokemon

*********more chatter.. 5 minutes later, people get reconnected*********

[00:34] <QuestionTaker> sorry for the bullshit problems

[00:34] <QuestionTaker> its out of our reach

[00:34] <QuestionTaker> but we will now continue

[00:34] <jimA2000> hey frosty what are you drinking

[00:34] <QuestionTaker> bacardi limon

[00:35] <QuestionTaker> and sprite

[00:35] <jimA2000> yech

[00:35] <QuestionTaker> [23:48] <keef> what is your favorite state (other than ca) to play in

[00:35] <jimA2000> i like playing in texas

[00:35] <zachlind> nyc

[00:36] <jimA2000> nyc is not a state

[00:36] <QuestionTaker> WHAT ABOUT DETROIT!

[00:36] <QuestionTaker> just kidding

[00:36] <zachlind> fuck you jim

[00:36] <jimA2000> detroit is not a state

[00:36] <clam> fight!

[00:36] <zachlind> texas sucks

[00:36] <QuestionTaker> [00:08] <jordan23> will u guys be putting out a new record ne time soon or will this whole label thing effect u?

[00:37] <jimA2000> we will put out a comp with all the 7" songs and comp tracks

[00:37] <zachlind> we will hopefully put a new record out in the fall. next fall

[00:37] <zachlind> who knows what will happen

[00:37] <jimA2000> then hopefully do a real full length in the spring

[00:37] <QuestionTaker> [23:48] <DefuncT> alot of people look up to you(like it or not) who do you look up to?

[00:37] <jimA2000> joe montana

[00:38] <zachlind> tough question. i look up to alot of people.

[00:38] <QuestionTaker> 00:17] <DefuncT> as it stands now,do you see jimmy eat world as a life long project? or day to day satisfaction? i guess what i mean is, do you make big plans for the future?

[00:39] <jimA2000> you can't really plan to do a rock band forever

[00:39] <jimA2000> i don't think i would want to

[00:39] <zachlind> i look at it as something that is going on now that i enjoy, but there are a lot of other things i would like to do

[00:39] <jimA2000> i do however always want to be invoved with music

[00:39] <jimA2000> or involved, rather

[00:40] <QuestionTaker> [00:37] <superbaxter> any songs you want to cover in the future?

[00:40] <zachlind> jim?

[00:40] <jimA2000> i want to cover bruce springsteen's dancing in the dark

[00:41] <QuestionTaker> [23:59] <olpvader> why did you have "can you still feel the butterflies" on the actual cd for Clarity?

[00:41] <zachlind> that's you jim

[00:41] <jimA2000> i thought it would fuck with people

[00:41] <QuestionTaker> [00:35] <olpvader> who's the other person in Ten (our weakness is the same)?

[00:42] <jimA2000> anyone you want it to be

[00:42] <zachlind> i don't think that what they meant jim

[00:42] <zachlind> haha

[00:42] <zachlind> it is a chick he was making out with

[00:42] <zachlind> and the poison was the non stop making out

[00:42] <QuestionTaker> [23:53] <inlist> were "christmas card" and "what I would say ti you now" rerecorded with mark trombino during clarity sessions?

[00:43] <jimA2000> no

[00:43] <jimA2000> the one on the 7" was recorded a long time earlier

[00:44] <jimA2000> my favorite tv show was brisco county junior

[00:44] <Guest54267> [00:43] <caveman27> What is the most senti-mental song that you guys have written?

[00:45] <zachlind> jim? any thoughts on that last one

[00:45] <jimA2000> probably indecent exposure

[00:45] <zachlind> haha

[00:45] <jimA2000> wouldnt you say zach

[00:45] <zachlind> yeah, tom's ode to pissing in public

[00:45] <jimA2000> brings tears of nostalgia to my eyes

[00:45] <Question-Taker> [00:07] <chachi> Jim, your lyrics are sometimes really romantic...anyone special...who's your crush?

[00:46] <zachlind> that crush was this chick that he always made out with

[00:46] <jimA2000> reese witherspoon hurts me

[00:46] <zachlind> she sucks

[00:46] <zachlind> you could do better jim

[00:46] <jimA2000> she isnt who any song is about though

[00:47] <zachlind> jim, don't lie

[00:47] <jimA2000> teusday weld

[00:47] <Question-Taker> [00:03] <emopunk616> how long doe sit take u guys to record a album?

[00:48] <zachlind> the last one took two months about

[00:48] <jimA2000> 54 days end to end

[00:48] <Question-Taker> [23:59] <forgiven90> when you guys came to St. Louis the first time, you were involved in some altercation. Could you explain just what the hell happened?

[00:48] <jimA2000> some dude smashed me in the face with the mike on purpose and took off

[00:49] <jimA2000> tom had some words with him after the show

[00:49] <jimA2000> but it is all good now

[00:49] <zachlind> yeah, some kids came and were being assholes and ran into the mike stand and cut jims nose. so tom punched him and rick threatened him with a broken bottle and the guy took off

[00:50] <jimA2000> and then i whipped out my switchblade and cut his mom

[00:50] <Question-Taker> [00:48] <swimmer> who is the biggest weezer fan in the band?

[00:50] <zachlind> jim and tom

[00:51] <zachlind> me too

[00:51] <jimA2000> i know you really like the way pat drumms though

[00:51] <zachlind> yeah

[00:51] <zachlind> i love the drummer

[00:51] <jimA2000> hey, special goodness are coming zach

[00:51] <zachlind> we stayed at his house once

[00:51] <zachlind> cool

[00:51] <zachlind> i am there

[00:51] <jimA2000> everyone go see special goodness

[00:51] <Question-Taker> [00:05] <chazz> hey jim, i'm trying to figure out how to play your songs (to benefit all of those who have a hard time playing along). i know most of the songs are in drop-D. any other alternate tunings? capo placement?

[00:52] <jimA2000> some capo stuff

[00:52] <jimA2000> we use open e tuning for some stuff too

[00:52] <jimA2000> e-b-e-g#-b-e

[00:52] <jimA2000> only on clarity songs though

[00:52] <jimA2000> everything on static is standard

[00:52] <Question-Taker> [00:39] <chazz> this question might be a repeat question: jim, what kind of guitars / amps / effects do you use? how come you don't use your telecaster anymore?

[00:53] <jimA2000> i don't tour with the tele because i need the pickup switch

[00:53] <jimA2000> i use one pickup (bridge) all the way up and the other down...

[00:53] <Question-Taker> [00:45] <Haskel> Will there be a return of Wooden Blue Records?

[00:53] <clam> hahaha

[00:53] <zachlind> i don't think so

[00:54] <jimA2000> no there will not be a return of the label

[00:54] <jimA2000> i think jeremy has drank away all his financing

[00:54] <zachlind> haha

[00:54] <Question-Taker> [00:44] <olpvader> who chooses the cover art for the cds?

[00:54] <jimA2000> for clarity we all picked the photos and jason and i arranged them

[00:54] <zachlind> we all sort of decide

[00:55] <Question-Taker> [00:46] <xraphiex> is the end of christmas card cut off on the japanese import?

[00:55] <jimA2000> hey raphie, i don't think so..(?)

[00:55] <Question-Taker> [00:43] <fuckEMO> how many tracks are dubbed over at the end of goodbye sky harbor?

[00:56] <jimA2000> a lot...

[00:56] <jimA2000> i think nine vocals

[00:56] <zachlind> yeah, it is

[00:56] <jimA2000> two drumsets

[00:56] <jimA2000> four guitars

[00:56] <jimA2000> organ

[00:56] <jimA2000> bass

[00:56] <jimA2000> shaker

[00:56] <jimA2000> tambourine

[00:57] <Question-Taker> [00:28] <rockstar> <rockstar> how did you record clarity (analog, digital, pro tools, etc.) .. what kind of things did you do in mixing (and how long did the entire album take) to make it sound so incredible? (and i want details :)

[00:57] <zachlind> we did analog, protools

[00:57] <jimA2000> some stuff is coming off the two inch analog and other things are off computer

[00:57] <zachlind> spent about 60 days,

[00:58] <jimA2000> but some things started off analog and the got dumped to copmuter

[00:58] <zachlind> used a lot of instruments. hired mark trombino so that everything sounded good,

[00:58] <Question-Taker> [00:44] <STAFF> Jim....are you religous?....into christianity?.

[00:59] <jimA2000> no

[00:59] <jimA2000> not really

[00:59] <Question-Taker> [00:09] <xraphiex> who was your first tour with

[00:59] <jimA2000> we did a week of california

[00:59] <zachlind> our selves

[00:59] <jimA2000> our first out of state show was with unwound and three mile piolot

[00:59] <zachlind> our first string of dates for a band was with christie front drive

[01:00] <Question-Taker> [00:12] <thisstarkills> hey would you guys ever wanna tour with n'sync? how about ricki martin? how about ricki martin?

[01:00] <zachlind> totally

[01:00] <jimA2000> i would tour with bewitched

[01:00] <jimA2000> or dixie chicks

[01:00] <jimA2000> there is no way we would score if we toured with guys like that

[01:00] <jimA2000> hahah

[01:00] <Question-Taker> [00:12] <sunnyday> Will you guys ever put up mp3s of your old stuff that sounds like propaghandi?

[01:01] <zachlind> maybe

[01:01] <jimA2000> i would not be opposed

[01:01] <jimA2000> better than have someone pay any money for it

[01:01] <jimA2000> NO ONE BUY OUR OLD SHIT ON EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[01:01] <Question-Taker> [00:12] <sinned93> have you ever heard of I HATE MYSELF , and how do you feel about hardcore music, like straigh up screaming and emotion?

[01:02] <zachlind> i don't care for it

[01:02] <jimA2000> not many people do it in an interesting way now

[01:02] <jimA2000> it seems

[01:02] <jimA2000> or maybe i am older

[01:02] <jimA2000> i dont know

[01:02] <jimA2000> not a lot of it intersts or challanges me

[01:02] <Question-Taker> [00:12] <sinned93> has jim taken vocal lessons since static, cuz he sings a lot better now, and lost weight

[01:03] <jimA2000> thanks i guess

[01:03] <clam> yeah you were gettin tubby there for awhile...

[01:03] <jimA2000> that was the freshman 25

[01:03] <Question-Taker> [00:30] <Smerf> do you plan on getting a haircut in the future?

[01:03] <jimA2000> i was thinking dreds

[01:04] <jimA2000> hey was that josh flora?

[01:04] <Question-Taker> [00:37] <armitage21> jim, do you record on something like a 4-track when you do stuff like rollerqueen? or do you use a computer?

******Zach Departing*************

[01:04] <zachlind> well, i am out of here. put in my time. take it away jim.


[01:04] <jimA2000> i used 4track for a real long time. now we have a digital 8track.

[01:05] <jimA2000> tascam da38

[01:05] <Question-Taker> [00:42] <GirlSetsFire> Do you think Jimmy Eat World will ever tour Australia?

[01:05] <jimA2000> that is the next step....

[01:05] <jimA2000> and japan/hawaii

[01:06] <Question-Taker> [01:03] <superbaxter> are you guys into mogwai, or polvo, or any math rock kinda stuff at all?

[01:06] <jimA2000> i like those bands, yes

[01:06] <jimA2000> i really like the champs

[01:06] <jimA2000> everyone go see the champs

[01:07] <Question-Taker> jim , if you want like 20 more minutes, we could rap this up

[01:07] <jimA2000> i need more banquet beer

[01:08] <jimA2000> though

[01:08] <Question-Taker> [00:48] <chazz> if the last album only took about 2 months, then why did it take like 2 years to come out? (recorded in '97, released in '99)

[01:08] <jimA2000> there were a lot of factors...

[01:08] <jimA2000> we kept getting tour offers we couldn't turn down...

[01:08] <jimA2000> like pring and get up kids

[01:08] <jimA2000> and mineral/sense field

[01:09] <jimA2000> etc...

[01:09] <Question-Taker> [00:45] <rockstar> is the version of xmas card that is on the clarity import the same version thats on the 7" ? why did you put those songs on the import and not the us version?

[01:09] <jimA2000> because in japan it is more expensive to buy the domestic release. we have to give incentive to buy the domestic

[01:10] *** Guest29150 is now known as dude99 <-- ZACH COMMING BACK TO THE CHAT IGCOGNITO!!!

[01:11] <Question-Taker> [00:53] <swimmer> what is the beer of choice for the band?

[01:12] <jimA2000> good question

[01:12] <jimA2000> we all have our favorites but i think we can agree on red stripe

[01:12] <Question-Taker> [01:05] <kidklone> any chance of putting together a live cd, maybe make that compilation a 2xcd?

[01:13] <jimA2000> i dont know if you have seen us live...

[01:13] <jimA2000> i don't think it would sound very good

[01:13] <Question-Taker> yes, ive seen you live..

[01:13] <Question-Taker> you guys are fucking on live

[01:13] <Question-Taker> you know it

[01:13] <jimA2000> sometimes

[01:13] <jimA2000> it pops

[01:13] <jimA2000> sometimes it sucks

[01:13] <Question-Taker> the metro, summer of this year.. tell me you guys werent on

[01:13] <jimA2000> yeah.

[01:14] <jimA2000> that show was on

[01:14] <jimA2000> but that detroit show you were at at shelter was very off

[01:14] <Question-Taker> [00:51] <olpvader> think you'll get into blink 182's next video?

[01:15] <jimA2000> tom is to shy to get naked so , no

[01:15] <Question-Taker> 01:12] <superbaxter> jim.. who does most of the conceptual songwrting... you, tom, the band as a whole?

[01:15] <jimA2000> if i write the song then i guess the conception is mine

[01:16] <Question-Taker> [01:15] <caveman27> Do you guys still live in Mesa,AZ?

[01:16] <jimA2000> zach is the only one who lives in mesa now

[01:16] <jimA2000> rick and i live in tempe

[01:16] <Question-Taker> i cant believe zach bailed.. mo fo

[01:16] <jimA2000> tom lives in scottsdale

[01:17] <Question-Taker> [01:03] <caveman27> Are all of caucasian or are there other ethnic backgrounds in the band?

[01:17] <jimA2000> we are all caucasian

[01:17] <jimA2000> its ok

[01:17] <Question-Taker> just answer the parents thing

[01:18] <jimA2000> our parents are into it

[01:18] <jimA2000> at first ther were skeptica

[01:18] <jimA2000> but now that we have gotten press and things they are into it

[01:18] <jimA2000> they tape fox just to see that commercial that has a blurb of our song in it

[01:18] <Question-Taker> [00:57] <until_the_crash> how on earth did you come up with the idea for goodbye sky harbor? that's obviously not just something that you sit down and write...

[01:19] <jimA2000> actually, it is

[01:19] <Question-Taker> [01:18] <caveman27> Question Taker PLEASSSE!!!!! ASK HIM THIS ONE ...IV E BEEN TRYNG for an hour,"why doesn't Tom sing that much anymore!!??"

[01:20] <jimA2000> i already said why tom doesn't sing on clarity as much

[01:20] <jimA2000> hold on...

[01:20] <jimA2000> hold on...

[01:20] <Question-Taker> im just representing the voice of the people!

[01:21] <Question-Taker> and i kinda forgot what was asked already

[01:21] <jimA2000> the majority of the songs that ended up on clarity originally were intended for a more mellow side project i started...

[01:21] <Question-Taker> [00:58] <sleater-kinney19> if you two could choose the perfect bill for a show, what four bands would be on there?

[01:24] <jimA2000> bruce springsteen with the e-street band/guided by voices/rocket from the crypt/jesus and mary chain

[01:24] <Question-Taker> [01:20] <DanWebster54> Qusetioner!! Please ask this! What was the Jejune song they covered in Vegas! Please!

[01:25] <jimA2000> sometimes we call our song on the jejune split "what i would say to you now", "jejune"

[01:25] <jimA2000> it isn't a jejune song

[01:25] <Question-Taker> [01:22] <christresser34> will you ever play here in Mexico er southamrica someday in this lil weird life?

[01:26] <jimA2000> i want to play mexico very badly

[01:26] <jimA2000> we don't know anyone who does shows there

[01:26] <Question-Taker> [01:17] <AussieGL> im not sure if you have been asked this yet...what do you guys like to do when not writing music?

[01:26] <jimA2000> which one eddie? the jejune song?

[01:27] <jimA2000> that's tough, actually/ i am always writing...

[01:27] <jimA2000> i like to read

[01:27] <jimA2000> i like to take pictures

[01:27] <jimA2000> i like drinking

[01:27] <Question-Taker> [01:14] <fuckEMO> you broke your favorite guitar when you played in houston last, what happened and did you get it fixed?

[01:28] <Question-Taker> im pretty tanked

[01:28] <Question-Taker> ok, that was pointless

[01:28] <jimA2000> i got it fixed the next day

[01:28] <clam> haha joe

[01:28] <jimA2000> joe rules

[01:28] <jimA2000> the last time i saw joe he had a 16oz can of bud light in his hand[01:28] <Question-Taker> [01:13] <aaron20> how much did mark trombino play into the song writing process during pre-production, if any at all?

[01:28] <Question-Taker> [01:13] <aaron20> how much did mark trombino play into the song writing process during pre-production, if any at all?

[01:29] <Question-Taker> jim, i dont remember that, i just played pool with jim and and zach.. err rick and zach.. *whoa*

[01:29] <jimA2000> none, capitol just faxed us the changes we needed to make

[01:30] <clam> seriously?

[01:30] <jimA2000> no

[01:30] <jimA2000> duh

[01:30] <Question-Taker> [01:21] <hadley> what kind of effects do you use for your guitar?

[01:30] <clam> sarcasm is hard to get across on here dood

[01:30] <jimA2000> i cant fucking believe you thought that was a serious answer

[01:32] <Question-Taker> [01:29] <caulfield> ok...I want to talk about j.e.w. sex! do you guys hook up?

[01:32] <jimA2000> a real man doesnt tell

[01:32] <jimA2000> what business is it of yours anyway

[01:32] <Question-Taker> how come tom hates playing rockstar live?

[01:33] <jimA2000> he doesn't. i think he may not like playing it because in order to work certain older songs in we have to drop some newer songs...

[01:33] <jimA2000> its always funner to play new songs

[01:34] <Question-Taker> [01:33] <hadley> ummm....what kind of effects do you use for your guitar?

[01:34] <jimA2000> not many

[01:34] <jimA2000> i just try to go direct into my amp if i can help it

[01:34] <Question-Taker> [01:34] <chazz> quick question: jim, you've used a lot of different guitar amps in the past. what's your favorite?

[01:34] <jimA2000> i have a delay/sampler pedal but it hardly ever works

[01:34] <jimA2000> good one...

[01:35] <Question-Taker> [01:26] <foreignholiday> ask them many songs did you have going before you decided on a set for clarity?.....i counted about 22

[01:35] <jimA2000> best loud sound

[01:36] <jimA2000> for the record? we had the songs that made it and then christmas card.

[01:36] <jimA2000> but the new recording of christmas card didnt make it

[01:36] <Question-Taker> [01:35] <caveman27> {honestly) do you like talking to fans in shows?

[01:37] <jimA2000> meeting people is one of the best parts of playing music. it can get crazy in places like los angeles where we have a lot of close friends and then a lot of fans who want to talk...

[01:38] <jimA2000> i feel bad because i cant really talk to anyone because i have to talk to everyone, you know

[01:38] <jimA2000> i'll take off at midnight, my time

[01:38] <Question-Taker> [01:21] <yourmom> when's jim's birthday?? come on, it's a quick answer!

[01:38] <jimA2000> fifteen

[01:38] <jimA2000> wednesday

[01:38] <jimA2000> wednesday

[01:39] <Question-Taker> [01:38] <AussieGL> do you enjoy doing stuff like this (promo, chat) or does it just piss you off?

[01:39] <jimA2000> the party is at chez nous in phoenix. you all are invited

[01:38] <Question-Taker> jim, i just got about 20 messages that say "happy birthday jim" so on behalf of yer fans, happy birthday

[01:39] <jimA2000> this is cool

[01:40] <jimA2000> thank you everyone!!!

[01:40] <Question-Taker> [01:36] <dawnspice> is tom single?

[01:40] <Question-Taker> [01:37] <dawnspice> not that i want him or anything like that

[01:40] <jimA2000> araby made everyone sing to me and brough a cake up to me in the middle of the set

[01:40] <jimA2000> araby made everyone sing to me and brough a cake up to me in the middle of the set

[01:40] <Question-Taker> how old are you jim

[01:41] <jimA2000> i will be 24

[01:41] <jimA2000> tom is off the market, sorry dawnspice

[01:42] <Question-Taker> it seems like we are all caught up with questions

[01:42] <jimA2000> come on joe, this is fun. what else do you got

[01:42] <Question-Taker> [01:42] <foreignholiday> jim, on behalf of ryan wyler and sam adair.......happy birthday and hi (i don't think either of them knew about this)

[01:42] <Question-Taker> [01:42] <AussieGL> so jim, do you go for looks or personality (be honest!)

[01:42] <jimA2000> thanks foriegn holiday

[01:43] <Question-Taker> what happened to the rest of I ate the sandbox

[01:43] <jimA2000> i don't necessarily like super hot. i like secret hot

[01:43] <Question-Taker> secret is quite the buzzword

[01:44] <jimA2000> there is a difference

[01:44] <jimA2000> you know what i mean

[01:44] <Question-Taker> [01:44] <hadley> why did you just call it "crush" instead of 'secret crush'?

[01:45] <jimA2000> it was always just crush

[01:45] <jimA2000> that was a mistake on the part of crank records

[01:45] <Question-Taker> [01:43] <chazz> umm...i asked about the chorus of "sweetness"

[01:45] <Question-Taker> [01:44] <chazz> i don't know if you got that one. what're the words after "i was spinning free....."

[01:46] <jimA2000> i was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me

[01:46] <Question-Taker> [01:45] <foreignholiday> jim are all of your songs about certain girls or just girls and romantic emotion in general?

[01:47] <jimA2000> the songs are just journal enties. they are about one person, multiple people ...

[01:47] <Question-Taker> [01:45] <HardTimes> When Jimmy Eat World eventually tours canada, would it be a real canadian tour or the typical Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver shows only type tours that always happen?

[01:47] <jimA2000> when i say "you" it could mean different people or myself... even in the same song

[01:48] <Question-Taker> [01:47] <yourmom> this is just a statement. not even a question. jennie from SB wanted me to let jim know she's gonna be at the AZ shows in dec. that is all.

[01:48] <clam> oh jennie haha

[01:48] <Question-Taker> [01:48] <AussieGL> what was your best subject in school? (im guessing english)

[01:48] <jimA2000> we are working on getting our record released on a canadian label. after that we want to do a real canada tour

[01:49] <jimA2000> my best subject was communication theory

[01:49] <Question-Taker> [01:48] <hadley> are you still planning any "side project" stuff?

[01:49] <Question-Taker> [01:48] <hadley> are you still planning any "side project" stuff?

[01:49] <jimA2000> have jeannie email me becuse she wont be able to get in if she just shows up

[01:49] <Question-Taker> [01:49] <GuestWho> Have you ever played with the archers of loaf!

[01:50] <jimA2000> we played at fitzgeralds in houston when we played the same night as them but in different rooms...

[01:50] <Question-Taker> [01:49] <mazzy> even though this question will probably not make it since its not about drinking or anything but, where do you hope to go with jimmy eat world ? a long way or do you have plans of leading what some would call a "normal" life?

[01:51] <jimA2000> at some time i want to go back and finish school and have a real job but for right now this is is what i want to do and not many people get the chance to do that

[01:52] <jimA2000> sorry we are talking so much about drinking and stuff

[01:52] <Question-Taker> [01:52] <GuestWho> Do you like folk music at all? If so have you heard of Martin Sexton, the man has a voice like no other!

[01:52] <jimA2000> i like like roryt erickson

[01:52] <Question-Taker> [01:49] <CAVEMAN27> PLEASE ASK HIM THIS! what is the most senti-mental song you and your band have written?and why is the Phrase,"Can you still feel the butterflies" such a trademark to you guys??

[01:54] <jimA2000> sorry i fucked with you earlier. sentimental? probably a song called oni that never even made it to the band[01:53] <Question-Taker> [01:49] <foreignholiday> i'm sure it's been asked and is a very redundant question, but will one of the supervisors or jim tell me if they are going to start their own label, and what it's plans are (marketwise)

[01:55] <jimA2000> i am not sure what we are going to do. our own label is something we may try

[01:55] <jimA2000> hey everyone i need to get going soon

[01:55] <jimA2000> a couple more

[01:55] <Question-Taker> [01:51] <HardTimes> What are your thoughts on the amazing "collectiblity" of your old releases? Last I saw, a copy of your first album went for around $60 on eBay...

[01:55] <Question-Taker> [01:51] <HardTimes> not to mention the clairity demo tapes going for around $30 or so each...

[01:56] <jimA2000> make them good joe

[01:56] <Question-Taker> jim, ill try and make them good, but i cant even really read them;.... soprrery dude

[01:56] <clam> hahahahaah

[01:57] <jimA2000> at first i thought, "fuck any of those assholes who sells that shit" but now i'm like: "man if you get it and hate it it's you won fault"

[01:57] <Question-Taker> [01:55] <chazz> oh, and jim, have you checked out ? that's my tribute to the band

[01:58] <jimA2000> i havent. i don't surf all that much

[01:59] <Question-Taker> jim , will you come back to the chat randommly like zach does to hcat with the other vans?

[01:59] <jimA2000> sure

[01:59] <Question-Taker> ok , cool

[01:59] <jimA2000> problem is we only have one line at my house, so i cant tie up the line too much

[01:59] <Question-Taker> well, jim, i think we have answered over 100 questions, and i know you have to get to sleep soon

[01:59] <jimA2000> so i cant tie up the line too much

[02:00] <Question-Taker> so do you have any last words?

[02:00] <jimA2000> thank you chris and eddie and joe and everyone who stayed up late to hang out

[02:00] <clam> word

[02:00] <jimA2000> it has been fun

[02:00] <jimA2000> hope to see yo uall soon some time

[02:00] <jimA2000> or you , rather

[02:01] <Question-Taker> ok, cool, thank you for commming, just remember to check back (everyone) whenever they are bored to chat with the band and other fans

[02:01] <jimA2000> everyone go see guided by voices when they tour

[02:01] <jimA2000> i mean it

[02:01] <jimA2000> see you guys!

[02:01] <clam> lates jim

[02:02] <Question-Taker> later

[02:02] *** Quits: jimA2000 (QUIT: User exited_)

******* JIM DEPARTS!!!!*******************

******* OHHH!!!!!********************

[02:02] <clam> wheee

[02:02] <christresser34> lalala

[02:02] <Question-Taker> it is now a free for all

[02:02] <chazz> cool

[02:02] <chazz> thanks joe

[02:02] <christresser34> i can say stuff now

[02:02] <chazz> for putting this on

[02:02] <fuckEMO> that was awesome

[02:02] <mazzy> yikes

[02:02] <foreignholiday> wow

[02:02] <chazz> thanks to all of you ops too

[02:02] <superbaxter> thanks joe... drink lots of water ; )

[02:02] <chazz> you did a good job

[02:02] <AussieGL> joe, thanx so much, this was really well run! well done!

[02:02] <hadley> thanks joe

[02:02] <GuestWho> wow that was like the coolest

[02:02] <GuestWho> thanks all !

[02:02] <superbaxter> yeah.. best chat i've ever been to

[02:02] <mazzy> i think jim and i bonded

[02:03] <jez007> you mean i missed it all?

[02:03] <timeforbed> I'll be taking questions now, one at a time please

[02:03] <christresser34> hehe

[02:03] <AussieGL> soooo good!

[02:03] <mazzy> so timeforbed: when is your bed time?

[02:03] <superbaxter> hey joe... will htere be a transcript?

[02:03] <Question-Taker> yes

[02:03] <Question-Taker> ill post a transscript

[02:03] <christresser34> i gotta go..... bye bye all

[02:03] <clam> joe:are you too drunk to transcript it? hahaha