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Once Upon a Time in China and America

Hmmm...western film meets Wong Fei Hung?? Corny? Stupid?? Boring??? I don't think so. I have to admit, I was thinking those things when I first popped in the tape. I was actually surprised to see a very interesting movie. It brings our favorite characters into the colonization of Chinatown. For some reason I like Seven's fighting stance in this movie. He kind of tips his head over. I looks weird but it's kind of cool. I surprisingly enjoyed this movie.

Storyline:Wong Fei Hung(Jet Li), his fiance, Auntie Yee, and one of his diciples, Seven, travels to America to see Po Chi Lam's one year anniversery in America. On the way the save a cowboy(Billy) from death. They stop along the way where they're attacked by Native Americans. While escaping, Wong Fei Hung, Auntie Yee, and Seven fall into a river. Wong Fei Hung hits his head and loses his memory. Wong Fei Hung is recovered by Native Americans. Jet Li recover his memory and stomp out the evil that awaits him?