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My Father is a Hero

My Father is a Hero was pretty good. It was much better than the other one that the kid apeared in(The New Legend of Shoalin). This isn't one of my favorites but it is entertaining. If you've already seen Fong Sai Yuk, Once Upon a Time in China, and Fist of Legend, then I guess you should see this one.

Storyline:Jet Li is an undercover cop, so undercover, that his family doesn't even know. His family consists of his wife and son(that kewl kid that's pretty good in Kung-fu). Jet Li gets caught up in a case where he has to be in Hong Kong. During his stay in Hong Kong, he encounters an HK police officer named Fong(what was her first name again?? Auntie Fong is all I remember). Fong checks up on Jet Li's background and finds his family. Soon after Jet's wife dies. Promising not to hurt Jet Li, Auntie Fong brings Sei Ku(Jet Li's son) to Hong Kong. Will Sei Ku be reunited with his father?