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Fist of Legend

Pretty good movie. This has two of my favorite fight scenes in it. The one between Jet Li and the old uncle dude, and the one between Jet li and Fujita Gou. They're not like the typical fight scenes where the hero is losing than miraculously he gets a burst of energy and wins! No, in this movie they seem even throughout the fight. Very good fight scenes.

Storyline: Chen Zhen(Jet Li) is a Chinese man studying in Japan. After fighting some Japanese people, he learns that his master had been killed. He returns to China to confront his master's killer. The killer is no match for Chen Zhen. They learn that his master was poisoned. The real killer was a general named Fujita Gou(one crazy mutha *ucker). Will Chen Zhen be able to defeat The Killing Machine, Fujita Gou??

Note: This movie takes place during the time when the Japanese military was occupying China. Of course the Chinese wouldn't be happy about this so you can expect a couple of racial comments here and there. If your a really sensitive person, I suggest a different movie.