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Black Mask

Ok...this one's hard for me to review. This is the only Jet Li movie that I've ever seen dubbed. All my other movies have sub titles. If you watch the dubbed version, I guarantee you won't be able to concentrate on the movie, you'll be laughing so hard you won't be able to see. The voices were terrible and some of the fraises were really bad!! "Stop being a Hard ass!!" "Oopsie Daisies" "I'm a fruit cake". If your going to watch Black Mask try to get a sub titled version. If I put the corny dialogue to the side I guess it was a pretty good movie. I believe it was a rotten choice to bring to America however. The fight scenes were too fake!! I'm used to them because I watch tons of Chinese movies, but many Americans couldn't stop laughing at the fight scenes. I think The Bodyguard From Beijing would have been a better choice.

Storyline:Jet Li is a member of this group who were the subject to some kinda of testing. It somehow made them all super strong. The government decides to put an end to the experiment, so they attempt to terminate all the test subjects. Jet Li manages to escape. Little did he know that a few of his friends escaped as well. However they are no longer playing on the same team.