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Radio & Scanner Frequencies

There's a huge public list of all the stations that someone wishes you'd be recieving out this way, but that's sure to lead to a lot of disappointment, so below is my own personal list of what actually does come in... (under construction)

88.7 FM (Classical)
92.1 FM (Country)
92.5 FM (Country)
92.5 FM (country)
92.9 FM KAFF (Country)
93.9 FM KMGN (Classic Rock)
95.7 FM (Somewhat Hard Classic Rock)
96.5 FM KMGN Show Low (Lite Rock)
97.5 FM (Lite Rock)
101.7 FM (Lite Rock)
102.9 FM (Country)
107.5 FM (Country)

For my fellow scanner nuts out there-
146.520 MHz- Amateur Universal Channel
146.800 Mhz- Amateur Local Chat Repeater
151.460 MHz- Statewide Fish & Game
153.410 MHz- Power Co.
153.500 MHz- Power Co.
153.545 MHz- Power Co.
154.220 MHz- Local Medics
154.995 MHz- Show Low Police, I think?
156.135 MHz- Arizona Dept. Of Transportation
156.180 MHz- Arizona Dept. Of Transportation
156.195 MHz- Arizona Dept. Of Transportation
157.325 MHz- Local Sheriffs
157.150 MHz- Local Sheriffs
159.030 MHz- Sheriffs & Deputies Car To Car
159.570 MHz- Sheriffs & Deputies Car To Car
160.335 MHz- A Railroad Operation, Somewhere...?
162.400 MHz- Weather Reports
162.525 MHz- Weather Reports
169.950 MHz- Forest Service
172.675 MHz-
172.775 MHz-
460.225 MHz- DPS
460.275 MHz- DPS
460.300 MHz- DPS
460.475 MHz- DPS

...That's all I have.. for now. :)