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A & J Lock & Key 928-240-0346

Full-Service Residential Locksmith
Greetings from Heber/Overgaard, East Arizona!!

Hello, everyone! My name's Aaron Haneline, I am a full-service residential locksmith in the Heber/Overgaard, Arizona area.
Over the years, housekeys get stolen, lost, loaned, duplicated, and before too long a person just doesn't know who might have a key to their home.
My son, Jeremiah and I provide a mobile service to take care of that, new keys or ones of your choosing, such as a key to another property of yours.
In addition to rekeying, we also service each lock and make sure it's working properly, and we can also fix the sagging door syndrome, where a door won't stay shut no matter how hard one slams it... and those improperly-installed deadbolts that won't latch are no problem for us.
We live at 1878 Artists Draw on the South edge of Heber, and don't travel much, so we're never too far.
Our rates are a lot less than people are used to paying for a locksmith, and are as follows-

Lockouts $45.00
Residential Rekeyings $15.00 per cylinder(per keyhole)
Extra Keys $1.00 each
No service charge up to 10 miles, $1.50 per mile for longer distances.

We now offer fees for referrals! Anyone, do whatever you need to to find us jobs, and once we're done and receive our paycheck, we'll write you a check for 15% of whatever we just made! All you have to do is point us out to clients who are in need of our services! Our largest job to date came in at over $1300, and wasn't that guy happy with 15% of that!

Advertisers! You need to stop calling, you're eating up too much of my time. We will not blindly invest in advertising.
We produce results first, and then ask for our pay.. and that is what we expect of you. Gotta watch these guys, they call and go on and on for 20 minutes or so about how much business they're going to bring you, and then, by the way, we need $300 or so up front. Sorry guys! If you're really confident that you can help us, prove it. Make us $2000, and then we'll talk about your $300.