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Regular members...Want you to know business is on track for the upcoming livewire news, live trading chatroom will be installed after the newswire is complete, we are moving soon to a dedicated server and expect many website improvements...

Would like to invite you to join us before these features are added and we go to the much higher $20 a month rate...Right now you can get an entire year for less than $8 a month...

We are also in process of expanding our O.T.C. coverage for those of you interested in the potential up and comers from the O.T.C. exchange...

This weeks stocks----

FTRL alerted again Friday in members area...


FutureLink Corp. Last: 6 5/8 Change: +3/8 Volume: 830,900

Top alerts

07/21/00 FTRL : Coverage Initiated by Bear Stearns: Buy -.

FTRL is well positioned as an early entrant into the nascent application service provider (ASP) industry. We believe the company has the right combination of assets and skill sets necessary to take a leadership position in a market that is expected to grow to $11.0 billion in size by 2003. FTRL has demonstrated "proof of concept" with a growing base of customers that included 49 ASP customers generating $5,250 per month in revenue in Q1 alone. FTRL has a strong base of expertise in providing application and distributed computing services by virtue of the fact that it is North America's largest integrator of server based computing (SBC) systems using Citrix software. FTRL has established a strong reputation among an impressive list of strategic technology partners including Compaq, Sun, Microsoft, Onyx. FTRL has assembled a strong and seasoned management team of veterans from the server based computing, internet services, and telecom services sectors. With its expertise gained through being North America's largest SBC integrator using Citrix software, with marquee strategic partners, strong financial sponsorship, an innovative, scalable business model and a strong, experienced management team, we feel that FTRL is poised to take advantage of the substantial market opportunity presented by the ASP industry. We have established a year-end 2000 price target of $15 per share for FutureLink based on a combination of our discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation model and our comparable company analysis. From a DCF perspective, we arrive at a price target of $15.00 per share based on FY2010E revenue of $3.0 billion, EBITDA of $738.8 million, a terminal multiple of 10.0x a discount rate of 16.0%, and a public market discount of 10.0%.


Euroweb International Corp. Last: 2 21/32 Change: -7/32 Volume: 45,600

EWEB alerted twice, once on accumulation detection- and again on increasing rumors...EWEB is a very attractive European Internet play in our opinion and is a press release away from a move higher. The chart shows EWEB move to $7+ is very possible within 30 days, and the increasing activity and 2 alerts suggest something is coming down the pipe soon for EWEB.


ImaginOn, Inc. Last: 1 5/16 Change: unch Volume: 194,400

IMON-Another high potential play, IMON has its dilution and lack of earnings, But, They have very exciting product developement in progress and it looks like just a matter of short term until one of the Bigname Internet/tech companies sign on the dotted line with IMON. The Interactive t.v. and Huge advertisement revenue potential make IMON a strong longer term buy and many of you feel the same way...


Wavo Corp. Last: 23/32 Change: unch Volume: 734,500

Top alerts

07/12/00 WAVO will announce earnings on 7/27/2000.

Price/Volume alerts

07/19/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/19/00 Price down sharply on unusually high volume.

07/18/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/18/00 Price down sharply on unusually high volume.

WAVO is going through a shift into new product deployment and seems to be focusing more on the streaming media market, this market has tremendous potential, Can WAVO land the big contract? Will downloadable music become the goldmine that it was first thought to be? Can WAVO maintain their Nasdaq listing status? We maintain a positive attitude on WAVO, but, we also maintain a positive attitude on SOCT, and look at them after failing to sustain Nasdaq listing. WAVO is a high risk/reward.


eGlobe, Inc. Last: 2 5/8 Change: -1/8 Volume: 166,000

Price/Volume alerts

07/19/00 Institutional holdings of EGLO increased significantly.

07/18/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

EGLO was alerted on accumulation detection, and as you can see Institutional buying announced on 19th.

Shares Outstanding 87.8M

Float 1.80M

eGlobe Inc. is a voice-based application services provider offering enhanced telecommunications and information services, including Internet protocol transmission services, telephone portal and unified messaging services on an outsourced basis. Through its World Direct network, the Company originates traffic in over 90 territories and countries and terminates traffic anywhere in the world and through its IP network, the Company can originate and terminate IP-based telecommunication services in over 30 countries and six continents. The Company's customers are principally large national telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and competitive telephone companies around the world.


VidaMed, Inc. Last: 3 Change: +1/32 Volume: 159,400

Top alerts

07/10/00 VIDA will announce earnings on 7/24/2000.

Price/Volume alerts

07/17/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/17/00 Price crossed above 200-day moving average.

VIDA- The minimally invasive heat therapies for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia has gained widespread acceptance and the future looks bright for this small cap bio-tech. Expecting analyst review to come up for VIDA soon, expect positive comments.


PictureTel Corporation Last: 4 1/8 Change: +1/4 Volume: 1,534,400

Price/Volume alerts

07/19/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/17/00 Relative price strength increasing. Analyst alerts

07/19/00 Current quarter earnings estimate decreased.

06/26/00 PCTL : Upgraded from Sell to Hold - by FS Van Kasper.

07/21/00 Significant share of ownership report filed with SEC.

07/18/00 PCTL has notified the SEC of an unscheduled material event.

PCTL a buyout candidate and Intel License news this week, accumulation detected.


Datakey, Inc. Last: 9 1/8 Change: +11/16 Volume: 182,200

Top alerts

07/15/00 DKEY will announce earnings on 7/24/2000.

DKEY broke $9 Friday- First alerted a couple of weeks ago on unusual activity, DKEY has the Government Smartcard sector in the palm of its hand. Smartcards are IT. Do you have one yet? You will soon...DKEY has unlimited potential and will continue to rise in our opinion, expect some rollercoaster action, but DKEY will break into new 52 week highs ($17's) before the end of the year, I could go on and on about Smartcards and how Bill Gates said years ago that E-Wallets and Smartcards were going to become a way of life, People laughed at the idea then, but, those same people are beginning to scratch their heads now, and soon enough they will be Smartcard carrying members.

(DDIM) Watchlist stock-

Data Dimensions, Inc. Last: 2 3/4 Change: unch Volume: 43,100

Top alerts

07/20/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/17/00 DDIM will announce earnings on

7/31/2000. Price/Volume alerts

07/20/00 Relative price strength increasing.

07/17/00 Price crossed above 50-day moving average.

DDIM- Data Dimensions' intranet portal, a winner in the intranet category, is the source of all best practices and knowledge sharing for the company's information technology (IT) services and consulting organizations. It provides intranet-based collaboration, the infrastructure to support project and document management and the delivery of best practices across lines of services. News expected this week as unusual activity has increased this past week.


National Information Consortium, Inc. Last: 16 5/8 Change: -1/8 Volume: 519,600

Top alerts

07/19/00 EGOV will announce earnings on

7/28/2000. Price/Volume alerts

07/18/00 Relative price strength decreasing.

07/12/00 - 07/17/00 Relative price strength was increasing. Analyst alerts

06/01/00 EGOV : Coverage Initiated by Banc of America Sec: Strong Buy $35.

05/22/00 EGOV : Coverage Initiated by CSFB: Strong Buy $60.

05/22/00 EGOV : Coverage Initiated by George K. Baum: Strong Buy $34.

EGOV met our target of $17, but, as you can see the analyst have much higher targets, and we can not disagree, one of those rare events, Momentum Traders Network and the analyst agree...12 month target range $28-$36 with the high end of $60 possible as events unfold for EGOV.

Feature Stocks------------------------

FMKT--Profiled at $45

FreeMarkets, Inc. Last: 52 1/4 Change: -1 5/16 Volume: 520,500

Top alerts

07/20/00 FMKT : Coverage Initiated by Wedbush Morgan: Buy $65.

07/19/00 FMKT will announce earnings on 8/1/2000.

ADTM--Profiled at $2 Inc. Last: 1 Change: -1/32 Volume: 66,200

Price/Volume alerts

07/19/00 Hit new 52-week low.

***ADTM news expected soon on China Internet expansion

EGGS--Profiled at $2, Inc. Last: 3 1/16 Change: +15/32 Volume: 3,346,900

Top alerts

07/22/00 EGGS opened significantly Up

07/21/00 Price up sharply on unusually high volume.

07/10/00 EGGS will announce earnings on 7/25/2000.

EGRP--Profiled at $17 1/16

E*TRADE Group, Inc. Last: 17 7/16 Change: -1/2 Volume: 2,571,400

Top alerts

07/20/00 Price crossed below 50-day moving average.

Price/Volume alerts

07/13/00 - 07/17/00 Relative price strength was increasing.

Analyst alerts

07/19/00 Exceeded analyst earnings estimates for second straight quarter.

06/07/00 EGRP : Coverage Initiated by DLJ: Top Pick $31.

05/25/00 EGRP : Downgraded from Buy to Hold - by ING Barings.

Calendar event alerts

07/18/00 EGRP has notified the SEC of an unscheduled material event.

Financial alerts

07/20/00 Net profit margin up sharply.

07/20/00 Quarterly return on assets up significantly.

News alerts

07/19/00 EGRP announced earnings: "E*TRADE Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenues for First Nine Months of Fiscal 2000, Achieves Break-Even ....

07/17/00 EGRP involved in merger talks: "E*TRADE(R) to Acquire eInvesting, Leader in Developing Personal Securities Portfolios Agreement

MSN MoneyCentral alerts

07/07/00 Mentioned in Jubak's Journal column: "Catch highfliers at low points."

CNRS--Profiled at 1 15/32

Cornerstone Internet Solutions Company Last: 1 13/32 Change: -3/32 Volume: 124,500

Top alerts

07/21/00 Price crossed below 50-day moving average.

TFSM--Profiled at $16 15/16

24/7 Media, Inc. Last: 13 Change: -1/2 Volume: 348,800

Analyst alerts

06/06/00 TFSM : Coverage Initiated by Prudential: Strong Buy $48.

07/19/00 TFSM involved in merger talks: "Corum Group Assists iPromotions in Merger With 24/7 Media, Inc.."