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Stock of the Week


Stock of the Week selections are one of the most popular trading types on the internet. However, they are very risky if you are looking for an immediate gain on your investment. Stocks of the week almost always spike up in price upon their release and then plummet back down as traders take profits. If you choose to participate in Stock of the week selections, Please use limit orders to prevent your order from being filled at a higher price than you are comfortable with.

The design of the Momentum Traders Network Stock of the Week selections is to bring you stocks that we believe are currently under-valued and that will trade higher in the short-term(30-90 days). So you should view the stock of the week selections as a longer term hold...Please review our previous stocks of the week to get an idea of how these selections tend to react in the days following their release.

If you are a new investor, it may be wise to avoid stocks of the week until you have fully realized the risks involved in trying to garner immediate profits from this type of trading.