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Profiled 03-30-00 at 3 5/32nds

DULLES, Va., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Dunn Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DNCC) announced that it has posted a profit for its first fiscal quarter. For the three months ending January 31, 2000 revenues grew 17% over the prior quarter, to $7,128,063 resulting in a net profit of $160,702 or $.02 per share. The growth in revenues can be attributed to increased demand for the company's network integration services. During the quarter the company also saw significant market interest in its new clustered server line.

"This is the beginning of a new era at Dunn," said Thomas P. Dunne, President/CEO of Dunn Computer Corporation. "Last year was a trying and difficult time. I'm encouraged with our revenue growth, particularly since Q1 revenues do not include any revenues from our $16.6M Puerto Rico contract that will contribute in Q2 and Q3. Our return to profitability stems from a series of planned activities -- starting with cost reductions in interest expenses and fixed operating expenses. We also formulated plans to move aggressively into the new e-conomy, capitalize upon our core competencies and focus on the fastest growing segments of the commercial markets. As a result, in Q1, we won million dollar contracts with some of the worlds finest companies."

DULLES, Va., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Dunn Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DNCC - news) today announced its acceptance in the Intel Internet Service Provider Program, a worldwide ISP-focused channel initiative that will provide ISPs, Data Centers and Corporations with Internet-tailored equipment, services and technologies.

``We believe every data center in the world can benefit from this initiative. Intel has become a leader in high-density rack server solutions and Dunn's integration and software expertise adds value to the growing service provider market,'' said James Bond, Dunn's Vice President Network Solutions. ``We're proud to be accepted into the Intel ISP Program, and have formed our own initiative within Dunn to focus specifically on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and B2Bs (Business-to-Business commerce companies). We will be co-developing complete, fully integrated, configuration controlled e- business platforms. With Intel's financing, building block technologies and local support through the ISP Program, we believe we will be very successful.''

DULLES, Va., March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Dunn Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DNCC - news) has announced that it has sold $3,000,000 in Series A convertible preferred stock in a private placement transaction. ``The proceeds will be used for working capital and to fund some new marketing and product initiatives into new business sectors,'' said Thomas Dunne, President and CEO of Dunn Computer Corporation. ``We are pleased that our investors have faith in the new direction and revitalization of the Company.''

Market Capitalization $30.7M

Shares Outstanding 9.02M

Float 4.80M