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Profiled 04-19-00 at 2 15/16ths, Inc. is engaged in the business-to-business e-commerce enabler business. The Company's business consists of an Internet E-tail System which has the capability to acquire, market, order, fulfill, ship and install a broad range of goods on the Internet. This Internet E-tail System is used to run its online business ( and is intended to be used in the future to launch and manage other web site e-commerce initiatives. This system significantly reduces costs and expenses, removes intermediate distribution layers, and integrates manufacturers with consumers. The Company's Internet store ( is one of the largest on the web, with over 3 million stock keeping units offered for sale. Products offered are not limited solely to those products posted on the site but can also be sourced from virtually any brand.

NEW YORK, April 17/PRNewswire/ -- The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Richard Barton, CEO of (Nasdaq: ADTM), in which he talks at length about his company's future.

The entire 4,000-word interview is available free online at

Barton states, " is a fast growing e-commerce company. By leveraging our proprietary e-commerce infrastructure and efficient distribution system, we reach both the business-to-business market with our E- Commerce Solution Program (ESP) and the business-to-consumer market with our Internet superstore, Benefits from both our business-to- business and business-to- consumer capabilities provide price savings and increased customer service for consumers."

Barton explains, "The business model has been more than validated. It has been proven. We have the low-cost infrastructure. We have an architecture that's scalable. We have sequential growth that is way above what they would normally look for to make a determination for investment in all of the critical areas: user sessions; conversion rate; sales revenue; all of those things."

Looking forward, Barton states, "We have signed an exclusive agreement with the China Product Trade Net Center (CPTNC), which has the support of several important Chinese governmental and private institutions. The CPTNC's mission is to enable increased sales and ensure systematic and efficient worldwide distribution of Chinese manufactured goods. Adatom and the CPTNC plan to establish a joint venture company located in Beijing. The joint venture company will develop and implement the systems, Internet applications, services and support to enable the marketing and sale of industrial and consumer goods produced in China into the US as well as goods produced in the US into the Chinese marketplace exclusively through, Inc."

April 11, Announces E-Commerce Initiative With ThermoView Industries, Inc.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2000-- PeopleSoft ASP's Internet-enabled Infrastructure to Facilitate Adatom's Global Expansion Plans.

March 30, Reports Strong Sales Gains for 1999; Stage is Set for Accelerating Internet Expansion

March 23, Signs Exclusive Agreement With CPTNC; Joint Venture to Form a U.S.-China ''Electronic Marketplace''

Market Capitalization $40.4M

Shares Outstanding 14.7M

Float 5.10M

We feel that ADTMW is a very good value play as well as ADTM common...ADTMW has an exp date of 10-2002.