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We have rumor reports on WAVO and YHOO being in talks to expand or develop further their current relationship...As you may know, Internet downloadable music industry in in its infancy still, and has suffered recently from illegal downloading and the Napster case...However WAVO continues to strengthen its position within the industry while its common stock has suffered, WAVO firmly over $8 dollars in March, Now at low $1's...A WAVO/YHOO deal could be explosive to this companies stock! We have tracked it since yesterdays 4x normal volume, and todays increased activity with little movement in price...We have detected unusual buying patterns and it appears that accumulation at current price is underway...

Also, WAVO downloadable music is just a portion of their Biz, they have several other internet media technologies... Several analysts that we have read agree, that Music coming directly to your home through the P.C. has tremendous potential.

Here is original the story from April 18th...Speculation on WAVO becoming YHOO's premiere downloadable music content provider may stem from this story...

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2000--WAVO Corporation (Nasdaq: WAVO - news) today announced that Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO - news), a leading global Internet communications, commerce and media company, and DirecPC have come together to create a unique Internet broadcast experience for consumers of, the most convenient service for receiving digital music over the Internet today. Yahoo! and DirecPC are providing the Internet broadcasting services and infrastructure to offer Virgin JamCast users an array of streaming options to view the Internet broadcast of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals with Special Guest Gomez, live from Paris today,April 18.

The combined expertise of these organizations enables a true ``multi-band'' experience serving the entire spectrum of Internet consumers, ranging from dial-up to broadband users. Music enthusiasts can watch the show in any of five bandwidths, ranging from 28 to 300 kilobits per second. Additionally, an 800 kilobits per second television-quality media stream will be made available specifically for DirecPC users nationwide. The event also will be promoted across the Yahoo! network of Web properties and the DirecPC Web site.

``We have assembled a powerful team to leverage today's top technology to create a unique entertainment experience for all types of Internet users,'' said Peter M. White, president of WAVO Corporation. ``Given the collective power of these organizations, we look forward to continued innovations in the digital music marketplace.''

DirecPC is the award winning high-speed satellite Internet service of Hughes Network Systems, capable of providing broadband speeds anywhere in the US. The Internet broadcast will utilize Yahoo!'s extensive digital distribution network and will be delivered using multicast technology to simultaneously distribute the satellite signal from the concert to all DirecPC users. DirecPC is a member of Yahoo!'s multicast affiliate program. Through it's multicast affiliate program, Yahoo! has multicast-enabled the networks of more than 65 Internet service and backbone providers to provide consumers with the highest quality experience while lowering the risk of Internet congestion.

``We are excited to be aligned with industry leaders who are committed to revolutionizing the way that high-quality entertainment is brought into the home,'' said Paul Gaske, executive vice president, Consumer Division, HNS. ``DirecPC is the ideal technology to enhance the viewing experience of this and future concerts. Its ability to offer full-screen, in-sync audio and video will bring the performers into our subscribers' living rooms with the same quality that they expect from their TVs. When combined with WAVO, Yahoo! Broadcast, and DirecPC's expertise, Virgin JamCast can now send the hottest bands from across the globe into the home of anyone in the U.S.''

Yahoo! will provide comprehensive Internet broadcasting solutions for the live event from Paris at 2:10 pm EST on Tuesday April 18 and subsequent rebroadcasts at 9:00 pm EST that night and throughout the next 30 days, ending May 17. The Harper event will be streamed in a non-downloadable format. The event can be accessed through, Virgin Megastore Online (at Radio Free Virgin (at and Yahoo! Broadcast (, where it will be promoted and featured as the event of the day.


Created through a partnership between WAVO Corporation (Nasdaq: WAVO - news) and Virgin Entertainment Group, Virgin JamCast offers the most convenient method for receiving music over the Internet today. Visitors to can access a digital download library of both popular and emerging artists, or subscribe to the free JamCast Direct service to automatically receive up to 10 music selections from their favorite genre each week. A breakthrough technology developed by WAVO Corporation allows music files to be pushed to the consumer's PC in the background of their Internet connection as they work, chat or play online, effectively eliminating traditional wait times.

About WAVO

WAVO Corporation (NASDAQ: WAVO - news) is in the business of moving media. As an industry leading Internet media delivery company, WAVO partners with the foremost providers of news, business data, consumer content and multimedia programming. WAVO provides value added content management and electronic commerce services to media providers over its Internet and satellite networks in order to deliver quality content to an information dependent society. WAVO offers, the industry's leading solution for delivering streaming rich digital media to Web servers worldwide and, an innovative Web site and service that delivers targeted high quality music directly to a consumer's PC without the wait times associated with traditional music downloading.


Virgin Entertainment Group provides consumers with a range of superior entertainment experiences through a family of integrated Virgin-branded businesses. The ``category killer'' Virgin Megastores and the Virgin Megastore Online at are integral parts of a strategy to get consumers who are looking for music, books, video, software, and other entertainment content what they want, how they want it, when they want it.


Leading the way in providing broadband solutions for businesses and consumers, Hughes Network Systems (HNS) is a unit of Hughes Electronics, the world's leading provider of digital information and entertainment services. In creating a new-generation of products and services that take advantage of high-speed digital delivery and convergence technologies, HNS has enabled video, audio, and data delivery at unparalleled speeds and unmatched reliability. HNS: The Broadband Company Bringing You Broadband Everywhere.(tm)

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