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04-04-01...Lucent Technologies (LU), the subject of many rumor discussions recently, strongly denied recent rumors that they would file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. As reported earlier on, the rumors are widely circulating that they would file chapter 11. The company hit an all time low this afternoon, no doubt fueling the speculation. "The rumors that Lucent is filing for bankruptcy are baseless and irresponsible," said Lucent Chief Financial Officer Deborah Hopkins. "Let me be very clear: Our $6.5 billion lines of credit provide the financial resources and the financial flexibility to execute our turnaround plan," Hopkins said.

Vivendi Universal (V) stated they would not be buying Yahoo!, but did confirm they are in talks with some US companies. The company is intent on signing a deal in the United States though. Among those companies that Vivendi is in discussions with are AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ). Another interesting scenario is the company teaming with Napster. Jean-Marie Messier, chief of Vivendi, stated yesterday the following: "Is Napster a potential partner? If it sorts out its copyright issues, yes. This is a world where as a content provider we have to provide all contents in a legitimate way on all sorts of platforms," he said.

Shares of Entrust Technologies (ENTU) are up more than 7% today on rumors of a buyout. There are rumors that Verisign (VRSN) will buy them out. Shares of Entrust are up to $4 9/16. Verisign is up nearly 7% as well.

04-02-01...Rumors are circulating that Qwest (Q) may be looking at making an acquisition. The target of these rumors is Metromedia Fiber Network (MFNX). Metromedia is trading at $4.73. The offering price is rumored to be a bit above double the share price. Shares of Metromedia Fiber are down about 13% today, while Qwest is up just over 1%.

03-26-01...Rumors of Qualcomm (QCOM) issuing an earnings warning are gaining momentum. The company reports earnings on April 17, and the closer we get to that date, the more the rumors circulate. The company has not issued a pre-announcement as yet, nor have they commented on that issue or the rumor. Shares are down nearly 5% today.

03-23-01...Aflac is the target of rumors circulating concerning buyouts. Penn Treaty American (PTA) is rumored to be interested in buying Aflac (AFL) out. Aflac is trading at $25.48, Penn Treaty American

03-19-01...Internet message boards are buzzing about a merger rumor. The rumors have SBC Communications (SBC) and WorldCom (WCOM) in talks about a merger. Neither company has commented on the rumors. Shares of WorldCom are up more than 5% today, while SBC is up more than 3%.

03-15-01...Onyx Software Hearing rumors Microsoft (MSFT) will make a bid for the company. The two companies currently have a strategic partnership to deliver CRM solutions to large global enterprises,,,

03-14-01...NUFO---MFNX---Takeover Rumors are circulating now...

03-07-01...WorldCom (WCOM) shareholders are feeling good about the future of the company's stock price. How that stock will rise though brings up to different perspectives. Some think it will be from price appreciation. Some think it will come from WorldCom being bought out. Rumors started seveal months ago when Bernard Ebbers commented on his displeasure with his personal wealth due to stock price drops. Rumors began circulating that he was shopping WorldCom with a $35 per share price tag. WorldCom is trading near lows, spurring the buyout talks again. Shares are up 5% today.

02-23-01...The rumors just won't go away concerning EarthLink (ELNK). It is still rumored to be the target of either Microsoft (MSFT) or AT&T (T) in a buyout. The rumor that one of these two companies, or possible others, will be buying EarthLink has been circulating for weeks. None of the companies mentioned have commented, but trading volume in EarthLink has jumped on the rumor. Since first reported the rumor two weeks ago, the stock has had trading day volume 10 million shares twice and 7 million once. There had not been more than 5 million shares for EarthLink traded in a single day since June 23, 1999.

02-16-01...Unisys (UIS) continues to move up while other tech stocks are getting hit. Business Week and Reuters have recently picked up on the rumor of a buyout, which was first reported in January by The stock is up to $19 today - $11 shy of the rumored buyout price. IBM (IBM) is expected to make a cash bid of $30 per share for the computer maker.

02-27-01...Rumors abound that a foreign country is looking at making an offer for Micron Technology (MU). The company has not publicly commented on the rumor. An offering price of almost double has been circulated.
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