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04/30 to 05/02

33% was smallest gain of any alerted stock!

Todays Leading Members Only Pre-Open Alert Stock was :

VERT--- Leading Mail and Unusual Activity Alert

We Have All Watched JWEB Explode for 165% in 5 days !!!

Has the Momentum Network found the Next Huge Gainer ???

VerticalNet, Inc. Last: 2.30 Change: +0.24 Volume: 244,600

Top alerts

05/02/01 VERT opened significantly Up/Down.

Analyst alerts

04/30/01 Spread of earnings estimates increased.

04/27/01 VERT beat analyst earnings estimates.

Other stocks included the # 1 Gainer on the Nasdaq at this time !!!!!!!!

# 1 rumors stock is on the move and may Explode Upward on News !!!!

XYBR up big on 05/01 pre-open alert

SCMR keeps going up from last week!!!