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The 1st Quarter of 2001 ends on a positive note, Contrary to most analyst that are calling for Nasdaq 1500... We remain firm in belief that we have seen the worst of this Bear Market... and that the market is firming up...

We continue to see positive indications...Slight as they are...The trend is building in an upward fashion.....And even in this very Tuff market their are still winners to be had at " Bargain Prices "....

Here are some of the Top Picks from During their Free Trial that runs to April 15th...

Dana Salzarulo Mar 07 2001 Mar 19 2001 MIGS +83.47%

Momentum Traders Net Mar 16 2001 Mar 23 2001 RMBS +62.75%

Momentum Traders Net Mar 21 2001 Mar 27 2001 NTPA +59.02%

Stockaday Ventures,I Mar 02 2001 Mar 15 2001 MYCO +53.94%

Joeystockmarket Mar 26 2001 Mar 27 2001 UAX +40%

Momentum Traders Net Mar 21 2001 Mar 27 2001 MFNX +32.55%

TopTrade Mar 01 2001 Mar 02 2001 SEBL +19.33%

When this market finally does enter into a positive momentum phase.... will be even more useful and spectacular results will be in order!


By far, the Leading Momentum Mail Stock is RNWK....

RNWK was Fridays Leading Pre-Open News Alert and we are getting a lot of very positive mail on RNWK as a potential Emerging Leader in the now beaten down Online entertainment sector...

RealNetworks, Inc. Last: 7.06 Change: +0.69 Volume: 3,255,400

Top alerts

03/31/01 RNWK opened significantly Up

Price/Volume alerts

03/22/01 - 03/26/01 Relative price strength was increasing.

Analyst alerts

01/31/01 RNWK : Downgraded from Accumulate to Mkt Perform - by Friedman Billings.

01/31/01 RNWK : Downgraded from Strong Buy to Buy $16 by Wedbush Morgan.

Citing people familiar with the talks, the paper said AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Music Group, Bertelsmann AG's BMG Entertainment and EMI Group PLC were all talking to Real.

``This is potentially a big deal. It is really the first good news to come to the Internet sector in a long time,'' Phil Leigh, an analyst with Raymond James & Associates wrote in a research note.

The potential could be huge. Leigh noted that a recent survey found 70 percent of Napster users would be willing to pay $15 a month for that service.

If just a few million customers signed up for a similarly priced service from Real, the company could easily double its annual revenues of $240 million, Leigh said.

We at Momentum Network have always been Keen on the huge revenue potential of the online music industry, however the entire Internet Sector has just been So Terrible that Investors Have had no choice but to Flee in Terror.....

If recent trends continue to show that the market is beginning to turn positive however, RNWK will be one of the more attractive issues to be involved with in the Entertainment Sector...As this deal unfolds and becomes more than just talk RNWK could see some strong upward momentum in coming weeks...



HLNT - Rapid Growth Alert

Visit for complete details.

``The rapid growth of our eHealthstores Express network enables HLNT to reach critical mass, achieve internal economies of scale, generate greater ad revenues, and increase the network's overall buying power,'' stated Grant Johnson, President and CEO of HLNT Networks. ``With the implementation of our new strategic plan, we continue to add to our list of clients for customized Web site design, development and marketing. In the process, ''nject`` products and services gain greater exposure to new markets, and the Company gains new sources of revenue. Our goal is to develop new business opportunities within synergistic market verticals and increase shareholder value.''


B2B sector as most of you know has been cut to pieces by the market analyst----

Those of you with a medium term eye however should focus on a handful of companies that will move up fast in a positive enviroment...


Ariba's shares turned in the worst performance of any stock with a market capitalization of $1 billion or more during the first quarter of 2001, off more than 85%, as of March 29. That's quite a distinction, as many market watchers Friday afternoon were already calling this one of the worst quarters in the history of the stock market.

The stock closed down 6 cents Friday, or 0.8%, at $7.91. That's 95.6% off its all-time high of $183.34, reached in March 2000.


PurchasePro expands deal with AOL

In order to get B2B marketplaces to work, there needs to be a lot of buyers and sellers creating adequate liquidity in the marketplace, So far, B2B companies have really struggled with [building that liquidity]," "But if anyone could pull it off, AOL would be the one to do it."

B2B WATCH------------ITWO-------ORCL


Stocks with High Potential in evolving positive market....

Strong Tech Candidates Include--------






EBAY---------EBAY------A recent Alert


EXDS---------EXDS-------A recent Alert




MOT----------MOT---------A momentum Favorite at all prices


ORCL--------ORCL--------A momentum Favorite at all prices

PRSF--------PRSF--------Alerted this past week




On March 23rd we first called for the Bear Market to begin to roll-over and play dead......We continue to hold firm and our technical indicators remain positive... It is hard to ignore all of the negative sentiment from the mainstream analyst and all of the calls for Nasdaq 1500...We believe that the market has had its blow out bottom and we will have some bad days, but over-all the trend is going to be higher.

Also, if you havent gone to the website ....... Do so! The e-mail alerts and all of the Internet Top Pickers Info is completely Free and easy for 2 more weeks Only !

Other Member Interest Stocks to Watch--------

Openwave Systems Inc. Last: 19.84 Change: +3.59 Volume: 6,569,400

Top alerts

03/30/01 OPWV : Coverage Initiated by Dresdner Klnwrt Wass: Buy $40.

03/29/01 Hit new 52-week low.

Oplink Communications, Inc. Last: 3.75 Change: +0.13 Volume: 838,700

Top alerts

03/29/01 Hit new 52-week low.

Analyst alerts

01/30/01 Exceeded analyst earnings estimates for second straight quarter.

01/15/01 OPLK : Coverage Initiated by Thomas Weisel: Buy $21.

Foundry Networks, Inc. Last: 7.50 Change: -0.38 Volume: 8,210,000

Top alerts

03/30/01 FDRY will announce earnings on 4/12/2001.

03/30/01 Hit new 52-week low.

Extended Systems Incorporated Last: 10.88 Change: +0.25 Volume: 163,800

Registry Magic Incorporated Last: 1.59 Change: +0.16 Volume: 10,000

Top alerts

03/29/01 Price crossed below 200-day moving average.