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Week of Jan 16 ---GRADE:: B+


TUESDAY---Today we kept it simple with a single Pre-Open Members Alert on e@Machines

(EEEE).eMachines, Inc. Last: 0.56 Change: +0.22 Volume: 4,185,400

EEEE- Up over 60% in Regular Trading and moving even higher in AfterHoursTrading.


EEEE---Gains another 33% despite the broad Mid-Day Selling on theNasdaq...We tracked Heavy buying late in the day at both 13/16 and 3/4...EEEE Uptick in AfterHours and Many Members feel that the Resistanceis gone up to $1 in a positive market...

eMachines, Inc. Last: 0.75 Change: +0.19 Volume: 6,794,100


MCLL---Pre-Open Unusual Activity Alert...Nasdaq Listing in Question...

Metrocall, Inc. Last: 1.25 Change: +0.28 Volume: 2,653,700

Top alerts 01/17/01 MCLL opened significantly Up/

01/15/01 Price crossed above 50-day moving average.


GNLB---Members Mails Alert...Increasing Activity.Genelabs Technologies, Inc.

Last: 6.75 Change: +0.75 Volume:2,603,600

Price/Volume alerts

01/10/01 Price crossed above 50-day moving average.

01/10/01 Relative price strength increasing.


AFFI Unusual Activity Alert

Affinity Technology Group, Inc. Last: 0.41 Change: +0.16 Volume:849,800

SGNT---Sagent Technology, Inc. Last: 3.56 Change: +0.81 Volume:2,078,600

Top alerts

01/18/01 SGNT opened significantly Up/

01/10/01 SGNT will announce earnings on 1/24/2001.

Price/Volume alerts

01/08/01 Relative price strength increasing.




Gadzoox Networks, Inc. Last: 3.00 Change: +0.50 Volume: 637,700

ZOOX alerted at $3.00 and closed at $3.56...Moving up in afterhours.


PRGY opened at $.25 and closed at $5.

XYBR---Accumulation Alert and News Watch for next week.

INSP---News Alert in Pre-Open Friday...Didn't play out as INSP caught in the Down Draft of the Nasdaq.