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Pre-Open Alert on NXCD on News of updated profit news and unusual activity in pre-open...We anticipated a drop in price after the opening today that never occured, NXCD opened at $10 and never looked back and is trying $13 in afterhours.

an Francisco, Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) -- NextCard Inc., which issues credit cards over the Internet, said it expects annual revenue to reach $1 billion in 2003, sending its shares up 46 percent.

The shares of NextCard rose $3.69 to $11.75 in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. They had fallen 72 percent this year.

The San Francisco-based company expects to earn $150 million, or $2.83 a share, in 2003, and $75 million, or $1.42, in 2002. It expects a loss of $42.5 million, or 80 cents, in 2001, Chief Executive John Hashman said.

Hashman said the company is seeing strong demand for its product.

``The opportunity in front of us is as big as ever,'' Hashman said. ``There is no question this works on the Internet. It is fundamentally a better way to provide consumer credit. It is much more convenient.''